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Alumni - Jennifer Brooks LPN

Jennifer Brooks

Practical Nursing Consultants LLC


Christine Farley

Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner
Stacey Goetz RN, CFZ

Stacey Goetz

Registered Nurse
Alumni - April Jaquay-Sullivan RN

April Jaquay-Sullivan

Registered Nurse
Alumni - Heather Kneale

Heather Kneale

Rainbows and Butterfies

Christine Lee PHN, BSN, RN

Christine Lee

Cannabis Nurse Consultants

Health Coach
Libby Nichols MSN, RN-BC, CYT200, GN

Libby Nichols

Registered Nurse
Lisa Nicholson LAc, DNBAO

Lisa Nicholson

Balboa Park Holistic Wellness Center

Master Acupuncturist
Alumni - Mary Jane Phifer APRN, GN

Mary Jane Phifer


Health Coach
Alumni - Kondi Walters-Smith, RN

Kondi Walters-Smith

Proactive Wellness NP

Family Nurse Practitioner

Maureen West

Maureen West Law


Chris Williams

Wide Awake Business

Small Business Consultant
Leigh Zarda Carr BSN, RN, GN

Leigh Zarda Carr

Hari Om Hemp CBD


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