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GreenNurse Sherri

Nurse Sherri Mack launched “The Green Nurse Podcast: Living Your Best Life” in 2018 to showcase intriguing narratives of healing through the use of plant medicines, encompassing cannabis and psychedelics. With a mission to dispel stigma surrounding the concepts of well-being and altered states, The Green Nurse Podcast employs storytelling as a means of enlightening listeners about the most enigmatic plant on the planet. We are here to decrease the stigma around what it means to feel good and be HIGH!

H – Hope
I – Inspiration
G – Growth
H – Healing

The inception of “The Green Nurse Podcast – Clinical Conversations Webcast” came about when Nurse Sherri and Nurse Elisabeth consolidated their companies, forming the powerful union of Holistic Caring and The Green Nurse alongside Bloom Hemp. Join Nurse Elisabeth and Nurse Sherri on The Green Nurse Podcast as they delve into clinical conversations, exploring diseases, conditions, symptoms, and dive deep into the safe and effective use of cannabis and CBD as medicine. Tune in to gain invaluable insights into the world of medical cannabis. 

People are making great medicines, people are selling these amazing plant formulations, yet no one is truly interpreting how to use cannabis as medicine, that is what we do!!

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We are looking for other VOLUNTEER nurse reporters who want to get involved in the community, provide community outreach and bring information to others through our platform and report either LIVE or have a time slot on the GreenNurse Group Media Platform to record and post your video.

Types of reporting across the states –

Short Form Video – Less than 2 minutes 

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