Demonstrate your knowledge of plant medicine

By partnering with Holistic Caring, you will equip yourself with a real-world skill set to show your expertise in cannabinoids while gaining CBD/Cannabis credibility for all your business needs.

By enrolling in the Professional Programs, you will gain access to the knowledge & tools to demonstrate your knowledge with confidence.

Grow with us!

Green Nurse Mentorship Program is like a “clinical rotation” to help you get the support you need as you evolve as a cannabis nurse in this industry.

We are your “clinical” teachers to teach you how to gather knowledge from a wide variety of sources and actually demonstrate how to apply it.

Partner with Holistic Caring

People are making great medicine. People are selling these medicines. But no one is interpreting these to use for medical patients. That’s what we do. The Cannabis Industry needs credible leadership to extend these opportunities. By partnering with Holistic Caring, your company can attract and retain medical clients easily and effortlessly.

We were founded to serve patients with high quality 1:1 guidance, and have mastered the art of performing and leveraging our skills to add value to your business.

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