Sponsorship Opportunities via Media

Record with us

Sherri Tutkus RN BSN & Jimmy Young

Recorded Interview with your CEO, founder, president or company employee to promote your business. The interactive interview includes questions to show the evolution of your company focusing on your mission, vision, passion and brand. We also allow you to provide us with questions that you would like us to ask so you and your company can shine.

Our award winning podcast will spotlight your company. Your contribution will help us to continue to create educational media for both patients and providers as well as offer discounts on our products and services.

Sponsor an Entire Show

Good all around

Promote your company while supporting our mission to serve patients & providers. Our media team and The Green Nurse will record a live or recorded show at your place of business and/or at events such as:

What your company will receive:

  • Recorded 30 min interview with your branding
  • Broadcast on our social media platforms – Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter
  • Copy of the exact broadcast for your social media platforms & websites

Please contact us here to discuss this opportunity.

Purchase a Commercial & Spotlighting Your Business

Let us feature your business

Let us  showcase you and your business. We can co-create an advertisement for your business, organization or project on our show.  


Spreading good in our community

Let us profile your business and what your company is doing to help people in the community.  We want to help the smaller businesses have a bigger reach by profiling them based on what they are doing to help people live their best life.

The Boston Freedom Rally 2021

Watch Green Nurse Sherri speak to a large crowd at the Boston Freedom Rally. She takes this opportunity to thank the grass roots community.

Media Platforms Featuring Green Nurse Sherri

TSC Talks with Jill Woodworth

Green Nurse Sherri had the opportunity to speak with Jill Woodworth of TSC Talks. I shared my compelling story of healing with plant medicines and other integrative holistic modalities.

Please take some time and listen to the recording. I hope this will inspire you to take the next step in your healing process.

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