Are your patients asking about cannabis? We’ve created the system for you to guide conversations within modern treatment standards. We give patients and providers the foundational knowledge to approach the latest treatments available with clinical guidelines.
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  • Decades in health care
  • Cannabis evangelist
  • Teacher
  • Nurse
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Learn more about how Elisabeth is changing the cannabis industry.

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Learn how Elisabeth is changing the cannabis industry by adding the clinical aspects to medical cannabis. A great compliment to the course, this book is loaded with information about how and why savvy practitioners should become coaches.
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The wide variety of health benefits from CBD & cannabinoids is real. We are at the forefront of an entirely new industry with burgeoning innovations spreading rapidly into cannabis medicines. Blossoming legalization grants access in 33 medical and 11 recreational states; there’s no putting the train back in the station as people seek to get on board.

While new remedies rush to the market, there is a lack of proficient medical cannabis professionals to guide patients, dispensary employees, or other healthcare specialists with up-to-date expertise. That’s where Holistic Caring comes in.

We’ve built several programs to bridge the gap between traditional and cannabis medicine to prepare, equip, mentor and support everyone – health care professionals, cannabis industry insiders, and patients – throughout the process.

Partnered with the right education, guidance, and aid, people are more likely to find success.

Holistic Caring is changing the narrative through our education courses and client services via a supportive network. We believe cannabis medicines belong in an integrated treatment plan and our experience will lead others forward.


Please join us in one of our course offerings so you too can be a part of the expansive community of medical cannabis educators and medical cannabis users.

At Holistic Caring, we’re training the trainers. Our Cannabis Health Coach Certification licensing program encompasses many areas of mastery throughout the curriculum and includes a state of the art toolkit.

Fast track your success and stay current on industry developments. Be a part of changing the paradigm of healthcare to include cannabis medicine with a simple platform that stakeholders trust and rely on.


Elisabeth is proudly serving on the Boards of: ACNA & LANORML