Holistic Caring bridges the gap between conventional and cannabis medicine to prepare, equip, mentor, and support everyone from health care professionals to cannabis industry insiders and cannabis educators to patients throughout the entire process.

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Explore our certificate programs, designed for healthcare professionals, cannabis industry insiders and holistic wellness leaders who want to excel in the science of cannabinoids.


People are more likely to find success if they are partnered with the right education, guidance, and aid.

Holistic Caring is changing the narrative through our network of educational programs and supportive patient services. Cannabis medicine belongs in an integrated treatment plan and our industry experience will safely lead others forward. By training the trainers, medical cannabis professionals can guide patients, dispensary employees, and other health care specialists with valuable expertise. Fast track your success in this burgeoning industry by exploring our extensive program offerings like the Cannabis Health Coach Certification & Licensing Program.

Proud member of:

Our Founder, Elisabeth Mack, RN, BSN holds memberships at Americans for Safe Access and Holistic Chamber of Commerce, and she is a proud Board Member at LA NORML, American Cannabis Nurses Association and the Cannabis Chamber of Commerce.

What makes Holistic Caring programs the best in the industry?
  • On-Demand Learning: Start anytime and complete at your own pace (No semesters)
  • HC offers the best value in the market in terms of content, practicality and quality

  • Participants from all educational and professional backgrounds are welcome

  • Continuing Education Credits to RN’s (Up to 12 units with different programs)

  • Programs offer a “business in a box” toolkit designed to help launch a turn-key practice

  • Mastermind panels on clinical case studies, business development & marketing