Frequently Asked Questions

Why would a Holistic Caring CBD Health Coaching be a great business to own?

The general population does not know CBD is an option as cannabinoids may unlock the key for health improvement even when traditional medicine has failed. CBD Health Coaching will give millions who need help a pathway to wellness and that path will also pave a new tangent in your fulfilling career.


Cannabis holds the power of improving well-being warding off diseases of aging and progressive illness, but stigma from prohibition holds back progress. Cannabinoids have the ability to repair cell biology, sooth nerve imbalances, and boost the immune system while slowing down aging and inflammation. CBD Health Coaches bring this to life as we create CBD educated professionals to guide these new conversations around health & well-being.


CBD Health Coaching will be a great business as it dovetails with one of the largest growth industries America has ever known. Current sales data of $25 billion dollars per year is based on largely recreational users, but once federal descheduling removes cannabis from the Schedule 1 Controlled Substance Act, everyone will want to know how to use these newly available medicines. Professionals and healthcare providers who can learn the basics well enough to guide others, will have secure and fascinating work for the foreseeable future.

Why would a Holistic Caring CBD Health Coaching be a great business to own?

The Holistic Caring CBD Health Coaching certification is a tremendous business opportunity for healthcare professionals already working with clients yet seeking new opportunities in cannabis. Most other programs focus on cultivating the plant and compliance issues in selling. Holistic Caring CBD Health Coaching program focuses on teaching others how to use these products medicinally, integrated with holistic and lifestyle medicine. This program is for those with their own business, work in a medical practice, or corporations that will need a trained cannabis liaison as this field develops globally. Content is delivered through online study, webinars, and group training video conferences sharing education and protocols. Dispensaries sell the products; CBD Health Coaches sell the guidance needed to use them safely and effectively.

The Holistic Caring CBD Health Coaching program was developed and tested by Elisabeth who has been working directly with hundreds of patients, with her own personal success story in using this plant to wean from pharmaceuticals. Your value differential once trained is to provide guidance. Medical patients will try healing with cannabis if accompanied by a coach to bridge the gap of knowledge needed to feel confident and supported.

What does Holistic Caring teach about the CBD Industry?

You will learn the various modes of administration available in legal states today, and how to vet the purity, consistency, safety, and benchmarks of quality of these products. Learning the questions to ask manufacturers will help you evaluate, analyze, and synthesize this information for your clients. Reading labels, COA’s or Certificate of Analysis, and understanding CBD terms like full, broad spectrum, or isolate will be covered along with legal principles and sales practices.

Approaching the system as a patient with all of the legal considerations and shopping best practices will be explored, along with drug testing and the workplace. Provider considerations of licensure, standards of care around cannabis, and lack of access in health systems are addressed.

You’ll understand the differences between Recreational & Adult Use, Medical, and how these different philosophies make it difficult to navigate and access for patients. Affordability issues will address taxes, lack of insurance coverage, and how the expense of these products make financially qualifying a pivotal discussion point.

Does Holistic Caring Help Me Work with CBD Products?

Holistic Caring has spent years building relationships in this industry, which we extend to you. Products made from industrial hemp CBD are legal to carry in a provider office, or to use in mobile consulting. Our due diligence on top industry producers extends vetted medicines through affiliate and wholesale opportunities to you, so you can present the best values to your clients. Our CBD Marketplace gives you shortcuts to product revenues without the nuisance of CBD salespeople.

THC products are available through dispensaries in California, and we’ll help you find the products that are medicinally focused. Our Holistic Caring recommendations will guide you in beginning dosing as well. We’ve built a CBD Marketplace with selected sources and can refer you to those doing licensed business the right way, with respect for medical patients.

What does it mean to be a

Holistic Caring CBD Health Coach?

You will be one of the first professionals in America to guide patients on a transformational journey toward health and wellness using cannabinoids from whole plant CBD . The Holistic Caring CBD Health Coaching program provides you with the tools to advise others on the safe use of these innovative new products in a holistic manner without getting high. Using practical assessment and patient teaching tools, those who enroll in the Holistic Caring CBD Health Coaching program will be given the knowledge they need to successfully build a business helping people heal naturally.



What educational credentials are required for the program eligibility?

Ideally one would layer CBD health coaching on top of current work as a health and wellness professional. Coaches, especially health and lifestyle coaches with a history of educating others will also do well in coupling their work with these new concepts and teachings.


What specific skills do I need to be a Holistic Caring CBD Health Coach?


You need to be motivated, yet patient to learn new content and to overcome conditioned thinking against cannabis. You must commit the time needed to study and practice cannabinoids in health and wellness. Millions of people need to be educated and informed, therefore public speaking skills will come in handy. Prior understanding of cannabis and using CBD would be good, but a willing heart and experimenter mindset will suffice. Knowing what clients encounter from a personal reference point is helpful to understand and communicate effectively with new cannabis patients.

What if I’m a Health Coach already? Can I add this to what I’m doing?


Absolutely! We become the sum of our education and experience, and all of you will contribute to your success. Information about diet/nutrition, exercise, spirituality, and healthcare systems will play a role. You’ll learn unique skills on how to utilize CBD medicines to boost your business model and lower competition. This program will help you gain new clients and be more effective with CBD as a facilitator towards health and wellness goals.

Is Holistic Caring CBD Health Coaching a time flexible profession?


Yes! CBD Health Coaching should amplify your current work and mission to help others in a new and innovative ways. Your schedule will depend on your financial and personal goals, but you will need to spend time learning this new knowledge of cannabis medicine. Then you’ll need to learn the access, systems, and methods available based on your state legality.


Elisabeth will conduct monthly mentoring calls for groups of newly minted Holistic Caring CBD Health Coaches to answer questions. Should you miss one of these calls, you will have access to the calls because they will be recorded for you to listen to at your leisure at a later time.


Once your system is created, you can tailor your work around serving your clients and fulfilling your own needs. Educational presentations and community lectures can be delivered at corporate sites, assisted living facilities, clinics and medical offices. 1:1 patient scheduling can follow your regular hours with private clients.

What is my relationship with Holistic Caring once I become a licensee coach?


All Holistic Caring CBD Health Coaches are independent contractors. Licensing gives you access to the tools and information, but you set up, market and coach in a manner and frequency that best works for you. These systems are designed to support and encourage your work specifically with clients to maximize the impact of cannabis medicine on health and wellness.

Where can I be a Holistic Caring CBD Health Coach?


It helps to reside in a legal medical marijuana state with a regulated product supply chain. Due to legal framework differing from state to state, one will need to get deeply familiar with the rules and regulations of their state’s current MMJ system. Since this is a new industry, the venues of the future will need to emerge. Currently patients are poorly served at the dispensaries where the standard of care is a “budtender”. Budtenders receive basic training on cannabis compliance, and the branding and lifestyle aspects of the industry. Holistic Caring CBD Health Coaches can privately educate people in homes, offices, clinics, corporate sites or community venues. The scope is endless, and you’ll be ready as opportunities present themselves.

What duties do I have to Holistic Caring?


It is critical that your business is conducted in an ethical manner to protect the Holistic Caring CBD Health Coaching Trademark (TM) and Intellectual Property (IP). For instance, you must get our permission to use our name anywhere else except in promoting your own coaching business and saying you are a Holistic Caring CBD Health Coach.

What kind of support will Holistic Caring CBD Health Coaching provide?


Holistic Caring CBD Health Coaching will hold a group video conference call once a month to support you, keep you updated on CBD and healthcare industry trends, and answer your questions. We will also include you in our ongoing social media and video network. You will be listed on our active corporate website so those looking for a trusted professional will be able to locate you and contact you for a private consultation or to book an educational seminar.

Does Holistic Caring CBD Health Coaching get clients for me?


No. You will attract your own clients. The Holistic Caring Quick Start Guide Road to Success contains tips and suggestions for PR. However, Holistic Caring, will promote and market you as a coach through our Network for anyone who is seeking consultation.


What is the tuition for becoming a Licensed Holistic Caring CBD Health Coach?

The fee for the LCHC training and licensing program in $1,100. There is an annual license renewal fee of $600 for continued use of our trademark, copyrighted material and other Intellectual Property. This also includes continuing coaching, business education, and new and updated products released in the current year.

How long will it take to become a Holistic Caring CBD Health Coach?

The rate at which you complete the program and integrate this in your daily work is up to you. The education is self-paced, so you can learn around your present schedule. For some, this may be a few weeks, for others it may take 3 months to complete this program. The Quick Start Guide will give you the Holistic Caring CBD Health Coaching business model for setting up your Health Coaching business.


Presentations, e-books, templates, and protocols will provide the tools you need to get started.

I’ve never taken an online course. How does it work?



It’s actually very easy. Once you enroll in the Holistic Caring CBD Health Coaching program, you will receive an email confirmation which will give you immediate access with a private password to the online program through Mighty Networks.


The Holistic Caring CBD Health Coaching program will consist of:



  1. An online Key to access the course platform
  2. Download of the Quick Start Guide to jumpstart your business
  3. A Toolkit with CBD 101 presentations, protocols, and patient teaching materials
  4. Listing your business in the Holistic Caring Network so you can be found by clients
  5. Future educational modules such as “CBD + Cancer”, Pain, Neurology, etc.
  6. Once a month video calls for Coaches on clinical and operational issues.

What’s my next step to becoming a Holistic Caring CBD Health Coach?

Congratulations! You’ve made a great decision which will be life-changing for you, and all of those who will benefit from you!