Professional Certificate Programs

Cannabis Professional Certificate Programs

Demonstrate Your Knowledge Of Cannabinoid Therapeutics & Plant Medicines – With Confidence

Holistic Caring provides a distinct combination of evidence based science and business concepts to equip yourself with the skill-set needed to substantiate your expertise in Plant Medicine concepts within your practice.

Our 5 distinct programs offer a range of continuing education units for Registered Nurses. Gain the access you need for the knowledge, research, tools, and community support to prepare you to better guide your clients & patients seeking Plant Medicine solutions.

Holistic Caring’s professional programs focus on the clinical applications to maximize benefits and minimize harms in using cannabis for health and wellbeing. Industry programs provide the medical context to this business, and can be specifically designed to cater to the wellness needs of people worldwide.

Comparing the Certificate Programs

Let's break it down

Holistic Caring Continuing Education Partner Certificate

Accreditation Statement

Holistic Caring is accredited as a provider of continuing nursing education by the California Board of Registered Nursing, Provider No. CEP17056.

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Cannabis Health Coach Certificate Program

Nurses, Health Coaches & Integrative Providers can now enjoy a comprehensive curriculum to smartly add Cannabis Therapeutics to your practice. Enjoy a business building toolkit to effectively manage your own Cannabis Consulting Practice.

Global Cannabis Clinician Program

Global Clinicians now have a comprehensive 101 on Cannabis Therapeutics.
Add these discussions to your practice and guide patients to optimize the use of cannabinoids around the world.

Cannabis Industry Professional Certificate Program

Pursue a new career path in the fastest growing industry in America. Toolkit and coaching provided.

Psychedelics Professional Program

Welcome to the Psychedelic Revolution. Come learn the foundational knowledge that will catapult us all into a new paradigm of mental healthcare. The Psychedelics Program is open for all learners – lay leaders and licensed professionals to realize better days or a new career path!

CBD Wellness Coach Program

Learn how to approach CBD as a new paradigm in natural health and wellness. This is your first step towards a career in the exploding CBD field.
  • Cannabis Health Coach Certificate Program
  • Global Cannabis
  • Psychedelics Industry Professional Program
  • CBD Wellness Coach
  • Cannabis Industry Professional Certificate Program
Available Programs: Cannabis Health Coach Certificate Program
Global Cannabis
Psychedelics Industry Professional Program CBD Wellness Coach
Cannabis Industry Professional Certificate Program
Available Programs:
12 CEUs
8 CEUs
6 CEUs
2 CEUs
8 CEUs
Access to Signature Events
Community Forum
Business Building & Networking
Dispensary Product Guide
Medical Cannabis Primer E-Book
Condition-Targeted Research
Pharmacology, Drug Interactions, Titration Protocols
Patient Teaching Guide
Patient Tracking Log
Cannabis Resources List
Business Quick Start Guide
Community Presentation (Editable PowerPoint)
Community Presentation Outline
Community Presentation Flyer (Editable)
Long & Short Form Assessments
Care Plan (Example and Fillable)
Disclosures & Liability Waiver
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What makes HC training programs the best in the industry?

  • On-Demand Learning: Start anytime and complete at your own pace (No semesters)
  • HC offers the best value in the market in terms of content, practicality and quality
  • Participants from all educational and professional backgrounds are welcome
  • Continuing Education Credits to RN’s (Up to 12 units with different programs)
  • Programs offer a “business in a box” toolkit designed to help launch a turn-key practice
  • Mastermind panels on clinical case studies, business development & marketing

Global Cannabis Clinician Program

Cannabinoid Therapeutics for the modern Global Clinician (8 CEUs)

CBD and Cannabis Therapeutics are now available to populations around the globe. It is critically important that clinicians familiarize themselves with the physiological effects of Cannabis and CBD, to learn drug interactions, side effects, and which conditions have observational and evidence-based clinical studies to be efficacious.

This program is designed to acquaint global clinicians with the legal access points, and the most current clinical information to successfully educate and counsel consumers interested in using cannabinoid therapeutics.

Cannabis Health Coach Certificate Program

CBD/Cannabis Health Coach Program (12 CEUs)

Open your own CBD / Cannabis coaching practice utilizing our turnkey, patient-centered programs.

Holistic Caring® CHC Coaches receive the comprehensive curriculum training, and a practical toolkit containing the HC Primer book, care plans, patient teaching, legal disclosures and waivers, appointment templates, dosing guides, community 101 presentations, and business support.

Psychedelics Professional Program

Psychedelics Professional Program (6 CEUs)

For 30 years, MAPS – The Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies has led the way, pursuing MDMA as the first FDA Approved therapy for treatment resistant PTSD. Johns Hopkins is working on Psilocybin treatments for end-of-life depression. Research centers around the world are participating and providers are eager to learn. This innovative new program compiles the latest research and information from around the world. Despite legal roadblocks and prohibition, people find access to these powerful medicines, and we will guide and support those ready to try.

Join the FREE Psychedelic Support Space in the Network for education, mentorship, and cross-pollination in this multidisciplinary community of practitioners, patients, and visionary developers.

CBD Wellness Coach Program

CBD Wellness Coach Program (2 CEUs)

Uncover the inner workings of the endocannabinoid system and take the first step towards becoming an expert in the medicinal uses of cannabis.

Find out why the ECS is important for balance and homeostasis, and how CBD helps heighten awareness, strength, focus, energy, metabolism, sleep while reducing pain, inflammation, and anxiety. This program will help you guide yourself and your clients towards adding holistic medicine principles to heal naturally.

Not ready to purchase yet?

Learn the basics of Cannabis Health through this free introductory program!

Holistic Caring brings together conventional and cannabis health care. In this introductory program, we have included:
  • Distinguish between Hemp and Marijuana and how each can contribute to wellness when utilized with medicinal intentionality.
  • List conditions Cannabis may help through Holistic Caring’s education and expert guidance.
  • Understand the brief history of Cannabis medicine presented here.
  • Identify basic cannabinoids and how they interact with our physiology.
  • Differentiate between full and broad-spectrum products and routes of administration.
  • Explain to others how to shop for safe medicine. Utilize medical Cannabis protocols and advocate for yourself and others.
  • Discover which programs Holistic Caring offers & about the Holistic Caring Executive team.
“Elisabeth Mack describes the value you receive from the 'Business in a Box' of the Cannabis Health Coach Program”

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