Happy May & Happy Nurses Month!

Nurse’s week is 5/6-12  and we’re celebrating with you! Once again, nurses rank as the most trusted profession in America and provide leadership throughout healthcare. I first became a nurse in 1987 and worked in hospitals until I received my MBA in Healthcare in 1996. The next 20 years I spent running operations and sales for healthcare companies. Nurses know no limits, and transition through roles as providers of care, educators, executives, spiritual guides, and healers of all stripes. Thank all the nurses you see this month for their service!

6 years ago, I took a chance on something bigger than hospitals or insurance companies – CBD & Cannabis healthcare. I became a pioneer in this industry after healing myself from ortho issues and slowly weaned the pharmaceuticals that kept me sick. Coupling cannabinoids with lifestyle medicine, I built the pathways to methodically move from sickness to health. I wrote a training manual to prepare other nurses to do this – which became my book, Cannabis for Health: Become a Coach – titled as such because this field is bigger than nursing – it is coaching.

Differences between nursing and coaching are in the approach to patient empowerment, adding in spirituality, stress and weight management, movement and exercise, & cannabinoids. When people say they hurt too much to move, adding CBD, CBG, and terpenes will promote movement. When people won’t eat healthily, microdoses of THC will help them discover the abundance of flavor from an anti-inflammatory diet. Couple that with the personal imagery of what they will be able to do when they feel better and use that set new goals.

1 in 2 American adults live with a chronic condition, and 1 in 4 live in pain. 1 in 3 will get cancer and 1 in 5 will develop a neurodegenerative illness like Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s.  Heart disease and diabetes severely limit the quality of life for millions but may be reversible. Conventional medicine does a poor job with these conditions because of the time and attention needed to heal them. Pharmaceuticals do not get people moving or eating better. Coaching and cannabinoids make the needed difference, and we are leading by example.

So, what are you looking forward to doing this summer…and what’s in the way? How can we help you feel and perform your best?  Holistic Caring telehealth nurse coaches will work 1:1 to uncover a better you. If online courses are your thing, we have self-guided healing programs ready for you to learn via video lectures, slides, references, and forums.

Our CBD Marketplace stocks the best in medicinal formulations to improve your chronic conditions. Please – do not buy any medicines in a gas station or unvetted venue. Because this industry is nascent, there needs to be structure and quality, and we bridge those gaps for you.

There are 5 million nurses in America and the NCSBN, the National Council for the State Boards of Nursing recommended the 6 Essential Principles for all nurses; know the legal framework for medical and recreational access, working knowledge of their state programs, understanding of the endocannabinoid system, research and pharmacology, safe use and safety considerations, and non-judgment of patients in reducing their symptoms as they choose.

Holistic Caring wrote to these standards in addition to specific guidance to aid chronic conditions with lifestyle adjustments. Healthcare professionals of all stripes are curious about CBD and cannabis medicines, and we prepare professionals of all stripes to bring our coaching to their practice with our in-depth professional programs, with 12 CEU’s for nurses.

If you would like our original publication, “Cannabis for Health: Become a Coach”, you are in luck with a special deal!!!  We have a limited number available that I will personally autograph for you for a total of $30 including priority mail. Start your summer reading now!

Thanks to all nurses for making a difference, and to all of you for supporting Holistic Caring!


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