Telehealth Consulting Services

Holistic Caring’s 1:1 Telehealth Nurse Consultations promote hope and walk the road with patients while providing holistic counseling and cannabis logistics. 

The counseling process involves an assessment, treatment plan, logistical assistance, and cannabis RX adjustments to dial in the best outcomes for all cannabinoids – not just CBD & THC.

Our team of seasoned Registered Nurses (RNs) improve dispensary-patient retention by personalizing online menus and interpret into patient guidance.

HC Nurses create a patient care plan (shopping guide) for the retail team to fulfill, easing dispensary operations and efficiency.

Our team also provides vetting of medicinally focused products builds a credible value differential for dispensaries and brands.

Initial Consultation Remote / Zoom

Remote consultation via phone or Zoom and includes 1 follow up call. 2 hours of total consultation time which includes a comprehensive 90 minute initial assessment, cannabinoid education, creation of a treatment plan, titration schedule, tracking tools, logistical support, with family & provider connections as needed. We offer a scheduled follow up call by phone, and email communication as needed with a 2 day response window.


Fast & Friendly Phone Consult

Troubleshooting call for cannabis users to maximize their benefits. We provide dosing plans and answer your questions about CBD, THC, and other specifics.

Follow-Up Calls:  Reconnect with your nurse and discuss your progress and ongoing concerns. Make dosing adjustments to your treatment plan to maximize outcomes.