Learn about how cancer occurs, various types of cancer, staging, treatments, shortfalls, and side effects from treatments.

Discover how CBD & Cannabis may help cancer with the latest clinical research along with views from oncologists, managing cancer symptoms and treatment side effects with the various routes of administration, beginning dosing guidelines for the most common products in dispensaries, understanding quality, safety, and shopping for CBD & Cannabis medicines, taking CBD & Cannabis medicines with the other treatments and pharmaceuticals, talking to your providers about using CBD & Cannabis medicines, and adding holistic medicine principles to heal naturally.

This program includes:

  • A 60+ minute recorded lecture on CBD/Cannabis Medicine & Cancer
  • A PDF of the slide deck along with all the references from the presentation
  • A digital guidebook for step by step implementation and safety best practices
  • Bonus videos on holistic health and wellness to boost whole person care
  • A forum to connect with others with this condition using CBD/cannabis as Rx


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Cancer & Cannabis

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