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This program reveals the endocannabinoid system (ECS) and concepts of balance and homeostasis. Learn how CBD nurtures the ECS to help focus, energy, metabolism, sleep, and reduces pain, inflammation, and anxiety. Basic dosing for CBD products is taught with how to safely use CBD to limit interactions and side effects. Learn how to vet quality CBD medicines, and gain tips on holistic mind-body-spirit principles to heal naturally through nutrition, herbs, exercise, meditation, and self-awareness.

These self-paced programs contain:

  • Presentation slides, additional videos and references
  • Downloadable Patient Teaching Guide to understand and apply the basics of using medical cannabis
  • Patient to Practitioner Letter to guide the conversation with your provider
  • Access to the Mastermind Community Forum to connect with your peers and journey forward in healing together
  • Practical application of skills and knowledge acquired from the program

A recorded lecture that:

  • Explains the ECS, the condition, research, and how CBD/cannabis heals
  • Guides you through product dosing of each mode specific for your condition
  • Product safety
  • Vetting quality of products
  • Dispensary shopping
  • How to boost overall wellness


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Holistic Wellness & CBD

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