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Getting your Iowa MMJ Card

No worries, the process is painless & simple

  1. Complete the patient intake form .
  2. Complete the disclosure,  waiver, & consent form.
  3. Ready Set Go! Upon receipt of your completed forms, you will be notified by email with instructions on setting up & paying for your tele-health exam with Dr. Clifton.
  4. You’re Ready to Roll! After your telehealth exam, you will be notified by email that you’re ready to apply for your card. Your certificate will be attached and a link to IDPH will be provided. You will complete IDPH application, upload all documents, and pay their fee.
  5. 30 day follow up call. If you are to be considered for the THC Waiver, you must attend the 30 day follow up call.
  6. Upon your approval, IDPH will email you a temporary card that can be used immediately. Your permanent card will be mailed.
  7. THC Waiver’s will be considered and completed at your 30 day follow up call.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Green Nurse Carey Lee with the form on her profile.

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Iowa THC Waiver - Effective 7/1/2020

The Iowa Governor signed into law THC limit of 4.5grams over 90 days.

There are two exceptions to the ‘4.5g per 90-day purchase limit, below:
For any patient certified for a terminal illness (a healthcare practitioner may indicate more THC per 90-days at the time of certification)
If the patient’s healthcare practitioner certifies them for additional THC, after the patient has participated in the program. (This is why we built a 30 day follow up into your initial exam fees)

This form is to be utilized by healthcare practitioners to increase a patient’s ‘THC per 90-day’ purchase limit after participation in the program. The specific allotment of THC per 90-days must be indicated by the healthcare practitioner.

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