Dental & Tooth Pain

Dental / Tooth Pain affects all of us at some point in time, and is influenced by access to dentists, analgesia, and good oral self-care.

Tooth pain can be caused by a cracked tooth – which needs dentistry repair, or infection which needs to be treated with antibiotics and cleaning. Pulp inside your tooth is soft material filled with nerves, tissues and blood vessels which are sensitive. These nerves are irritated or infected by bacteria (abscess), causing pain.

Dentists can fill a cavity and treat infection. Warm salt-water gargle, rinsing with hydrogen peroxide, cold compress, NSAIDs, and gels with zinc or cloves can quiet tooth pain at home.

Need Help Deciding which THC Product is right for you?

Chemotype I-II products are at available at dispensaries.

Our nurses are here to help you guide your product selections!

Holistic Wellness & CBD

Learn more with our self paced program:

Holistic Wellness & CBD

This program reveals the endocannabinoid system (ECS) and concepts of balance and homeostasis. Learn how CBD nurtures the ECS to help focus, energy, metabolism, sleep, and reduces pain, inflammation, and anxiety. Basic dosing for CBD products is taught with how to safely use CBD to limit interactions and side effects. Learn how to vet quality CBD medicines, and gain tips on holistic mind-body-spirit principles to heal naturally through nutrition, herbs, exercise, meditation, and self-awareness.

These self-paced programs contain:

  • Presentation slides, additional videos and references
  • Downloadable Patient Teaching Guide to understand and apply the basics of using medical cannabis
  • Patient to Practitioner Letter to guide the conversation with your provider
  • Access to the Mastermind Community Forum to connect with your peers and journey forward in healing together
  • Practical application of skills and knowledge acquired from the program


How Cannabis Can Help

A Dutch study found cannabidiol (CBD), cannabichromene (CBC), cannabinol (CBN), and cannabigerol (CBG) were more effective in reducing the bacterial colony count in dental plaques as compared to synthetic oral care products such as Oral B and Colgate. Cannabinoids are potential as antibacterial and anti-inflammatory agents which can knock down plaque-associated bacteria and pain. CBD may be a safer alternative for synthetic antibiotics to reduce the development of drug resistance.



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