Migraines and Cannabinoids

Happy August, and where is the summer going? Time is going by like a flash of light – like the light that can trigger headaches for those who suffer from migraines. Chronic headaches plague about 40 million Americans, affecting mostly women. These reoccurring bouts of pulsing or throbbing pain are often accompanied by nausea, light […]

Autoimmune Conditions & Cannabinoids

This month we look at the complicated world of autoimmune (AI) disorders. A healthy immune system is critical at keeping us able to ward off bugs, viruses, and bacteria. Yet up to 50 million Americans, or 10% of us struggle with either an underactive – not enough immunity to fight infections or an over-active response […]

PTSD Awareness Month

Hello June! This month draws recognition and awareness to PTSD, or post-traumatic stress disorder – especially in Veterans.  People with PTSD feel a heightened sense of danger or doom with an exaggerated response to stress, even when they’re safe.  Our fight or flight response is necessary to keep us alive in the event of an […]

Happy May & Happy Nurses Month!

Nurse’s week is 5/6-12  and we’re celebrating with you! Once again, nurses rank as the most trusted profession in America and provide leadership throughout healthcare. I first became a nurse in 1987 and worked in hospitals until I received my MBA in Healthcare in 1996. The next 20 years I spent running operations and sales […]

Autism Awareness Month

Happy Spring! April is one of my favorite months to go outside to feel the warm sunshine, enjoy fragrant flowers, behold the beauty of nature, and listen to the birds. It’s a time to tune into others with laughter and connection and to revel in all of our senses, emotions, and the flavors of life. […]

Cannabinoids & Multiple Sclerosis

The March health calendar drives awareness of the condition of Multiple Sclerosis. Almost 3 million people suffer from MS  around the globe. Symptoms vary but essentially the myelin sheath that encases the nerve cells begins to degrade, exposing the nerves to damage, resulting in loss of function, pain, and nervous system degeneration. There is no […]

Heart Health Month

“Love is the virtue that makes all of the rules purposeful”.  This sermon note explains why keeping love in our reasoning makes following rules easier.  Compassion is your best compass, and remember to consider others with love.   Medical cannabis laws keep improving access so more people can love their medicine as stigma fades.  NORML recently […]

Happy New Year and Welcome 2021!

2020 taught us that our #1 treasure is our health.  Our sick-care system treats conditions once they’ve already caused dis-ease. Diabetes is a difficult and expensive disease on its own, but having it raises CVD or cardiovascular disease 21%.  Even with good control of blood sugar, diabetes ravages the body.  Prevention is so hard because […]

Marijuana Legalization Still Denies Veterans Access

On Veterans Day in 2015 veterans dropped hundreds of empty pill bottles in front of the White House calling for federal officials to make medical marijuana accessible to veterans. Where are we today since that dramatic request? In 2019 medical patients and advocates are finding that legalization in California leaves them less access. Medical collectives that […]

Giving Thanks

I am grateful for the opportunity to grow and develop new skills and ways of thinking. In October I spent at the Academy of Integrative Health and Medicine conference www.AIHM.org where thought leaders from around the country confirmed healthcare is broken. We discussed strategies to help people reconnect with their innate healing potential. No one […]