Welcome to Fall

Welcome to Fall. As we reflect on our times, we grieve how Covid-19 has stolen 2020, and fear what is yet to come. Wildfires, floods, and pandemic economics leave us vulnerable and shaken. Politics grow uglier by the day, and the options seem daunting – yet we must each cast a deeply considered vote; https://vote.norml.org/ NORML will keep you posted on Cannabis legalization, and Congress postponing The MORE Act will only delay the inevitable.

Seeing the leaves change reminds us that we are too. So, what are we becoming? Choices before us empower us when we realize we are in the driver’s seat. Don’t feel powerless, the future is in your hands. Awareness is key. Staying in the same trajectory is getting us sicker. 90 million Americans have pre-diabetes and Medscape today claimed 1/3rd lower mortality rates for diabetics who exercise. So how do people start moving when 40% of Americans suffer with chronic pain, limiting movement and quality of life? A pill for every ill has done nothing to improve our health. Discipline and self-love are the catalyst to being well.

Core to Holistic Caring programs is how to use cannabinoids as a facilitator to health promotion. With limited healthcare resources our mechanisms of self-care are critical. Walking, stretching, nutritious whole foods, connection, setting boundaries, and meditating are what keep us healthy, and cannabinoids provide the shortcut to fine tune our psychology, neurology, immune and endocrine functioning. Emotionally, cannabis can stop negative self-talk allowing us to develop trust in ourselves. A practice of self-love and compassion inspires us to be more empathetic with others, allowing for better relationships and bonds of trust.

There are 7 Billion of us on the planet, and we all have an ECS that can be tuned for better health and vitality. If we all take this path, we will find better physical, mental, and spiritual health – for all. Our tribe is already sharing this good news, but we’d like to open this option for others to join us by starting a new Affiliate program. If you’re already promoting natural health, education, or wellness and would like to offer your clients our courses, please let us know. Opportunities include courses for; Educators & Industry Insiders & Healthcare Providers.

People are bombarded with ads promising freedom from pharmaceuticals and better outcomes, but they need discernment, guidance, and personalized support to maximize the benefits…especially with CBD & Cannabis. 70% of America now lives in an area with access to medicinal cannabis, and 2020 voting will only add to those numbers. Participate in a new paradigm of healthcare, help us help others find a better quality of life.
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In health, Elisabeth Mack RN, BSN, MBA

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