Spring fever on hold

Courage & Prayers this April
I am sending my prayers to all of you in this time of crisis. Life is suddenly changed, and we must adapt to COVID-19 devastating our health and wellbeing. The news is frightening, and we will all suffer angst and worry. We will also gain resilience and be more grounded in what is essential. A deeper meaning now applies to everything and in this sorting of needs, cannabis has been in question. Luckily cannabis was deemed essential here in California and LANORML published an article displaying a common sense approach on medical use. I hope that conversation around medicinal use escalates to the federal level to force real discussions on research and production of safe cannabinoid medicines with descheduled access for all Americans.

It has never been more important to care for your immune system through movement and exercise, eating whole food diets that include plants at every meal, getting enough sleep, and managing anxiety and stress levels. Wash your hands frequently, don’t touch your face, hydrate with water, and watch funny movies. Deep breathing in for 4 seconds, holding for 2 seconds, and out for 7 seconds will put your body into a state of relaxation. Harvard found supplements are rarely helpful, but what about supplementing with cannabinoids? Cannabis products can assist in health promotion activities; as a facilitator to help you move, expand your nutritional preferences, to better sleep, and to destress. Well-made cannabis oils that are tested, potent, organic, and whole plant full spectrum are an efficient medicine for a multitude of conditions.

Because the CDC’s guidance to shelter in place will continue for at least another month, our fast paced world needs practical help. For a cannabis assist with unprecedented uncertainty, first try 10mgs daily of a full spectrum CBD tincture to lessen anxiety. CBD can stimulate serotonin and help you feel more balanced, grounded, and in less ‘fight of flight’. To uplift energy and reduce pain before a walk, vape (don’t smoke) a puff of 1:1 CBD:THC to help you move your muscles for 30 minutes a day. Try a 5 mg edible an hour before bed if you’re having trouble sleeping to aid the restorative rest you need to stay well.

For sickness or wellness, cannabinoids remain prudent. Smart people are researching cannabinoids for antibacterial and antiviral properties, but CBD is not a cure all and it is not a treatment for COVID-19. Cannabis can balance the immune system, but be wary of potential scams about CBD oil as prevention. Daily CBD with micro dosed THC is safe, but limit milligrams to 50 because cannabinoids can be immunosuppressive. If you or a family member does get sick, tell your practitioner that you have CBD or cannabis in your system as it can interact with or potentiate other medications. Keep up with the COVID-19 alerts for California but take breaks from the constant news cycle. As hard as it seems, keeping your gratitude journal fresh will maintain sanity and perspective.

Since we can’t do live events, Holistic Caring will delay our 5/1 launch of the Cannabis Health Coach licensing programs. I’m working on options and will accept referrals of potential partners to help me fulfill these missions. If you know an investor or online course designer please let me know. This work will continue when our world is a bit more certain, and please keep your courage and faith for all of us to have a better tomorrow very soon.

Elisabeth was honored with an appointment to the board as the Director of Health. Stay tuned for updates on expanding our missions! Fighting for cannabis rights is a never-ending endeavor. Since 1973, the Los Angeles chapter of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML) has advocated for changing our country’s divisive and draconian cannabis laws. Today, LA NORML is growing and I am ecstatic to let you know that we have launched our new website. Link to LA NORML

Take a Survey on Cannabis & COVID-19
The University of Miami is surveying Cannabis use during COVID-19 – I completed it in a few minutes and have asked for the survey results. Please provide your input! Link to the Survey

Keep in touch and let us know if you’d like to share your cannabis story in future updates and the coming website revisions!
Elisabeth Mack, RN, BSN, MBA

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