Seeking a better path

Maturity has taught me to use quiet reflection to process and create, knowing there would be a place to connect everything in time. Patience and perseverance temper my drive to solve complex problems as a big picture visionary. Time marches on as 33 states have legal programs, and cannabinoids become mainstream. CBD (NY Times) On 5/31 the FDA held hearings on CBD – is it a drug or wellness supplement, and how should it be regulated? FDA Recap Federal rulings must unite the patchwork of states’ rights into a cohesive strategy. With forward progress, I feel blessed to be in the right place, at the right time, with the right people.

The past 4 years in the medical cannabis arena have uncovered a multitude of things to solve:
· Patients need more than access to quality medicines. They need guidance with a systematic approach to promote effective use.
· Providers need to become part of the solution, coming off the sidelines with training and ongoing coaching.
· Programs need to educate, guide, support, and encourage success through the various modalities of care.
· Product development needs to innovate quality, consistent, safe, reliable medicines that can heal.

Holistic Caring gave me the playing field to solve the patient care aspects by building a 1:1 and telemedicine platform to – assess, plan, implement, and monitor care for hundreds of clients. The nursing process led me to develop training for other health professionals, creating a live CE continuing education curriculum, which I wrote into a textbook; “Cannabis for Health: a Guide for Healthcare Professionals”. My book will be out by year’s end, published by Jones & Bartlett Learning. Patient program modules that break up cannabinoids + cancer, pain, neurological or auto-immune conditions, and mental health will soon give clients the same guidance as a 1:1, but in small group settings enabling greater efficiency and reach.

The missing link was dependably excellent products. 90% of dispensary sales efforts are directed to the recreational and lifestyle customer. My patients are 100% medically focused. Seeking a better path, I discovered True Farma. They are a vertically integrated family business in Paso Robles who have re-planted the vineyards with cannabis plants. Organically grown flowers will be extracted and processed into pure, consistent, safe, reliable medicines that will be delivered right to the door of our clients. I accepted the position of Director of Clinical Operations (coincidently the title I held at the first health plan I worked after completing my MBA). Together we will roll out these programs to educate patients and providers, providing programs and products to serve the needs of millions.

Sign up for the newsletter at both and for training calendar updates for health professionals and lay persons. If you would like to learn cannabis medicine, please contact me for a spot on our interest lists. Holistic Caring will serve as the telemedicine & 1:1 touchpoint for patients, managed and led by my growing team. For a full formulary (listing) of products throughout California, visit . Nationwide CBD is available at . Enter EMACK20 at checkout to receive 20% off your first order. Anyone can join the advocate program; tell others about True Farma and gain wealth by spreading the health!

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers, your referrals, and your business. Keep in touch, and blessings to you for a summer of health, wholeness, and the healer of all wounds, love.

In health, Elisabeth Mack, RN, MBA

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