Seeker of Green Knowledge

I have experimented with marijuana throughout my life enjoying the social aspects of getting high. It wasn’t until I got sick in 2012 that I could fully appreciate what this glorious plant could do for me and continues to do for my health. From registered nurse to patient, I was an un-employed mother of three. I had been traveling the parallel path of traditional and other holistic alternative healing modalities that I have practiced. My health was not improving with what I was currently doing. One afternoon while enjoying a joint with a friend I learned that I had a qualifying diagnosis for medicinal cannabis.

After I received my mmj card, I sourced out multiple dispensaries and began my journey of experimenting with various strains and methods of medicating. As I explored the medical aspects of cannabis specific to me, I came upon many questions that I needed to know and comprehend. I became the seeker of cannabis knowledge.  I feverishly researched information on multiple topics; googled, you-tubed, and purchased books to learn about cannabis. I drank in the details and came to understand marijuana in a distinct way that contrasted what I had previously known. What I found most fascinating was the wisdom that this medicinal plant carries and how it communicates with our bodies. It goes where it needs to go and does what it needs to do based on what each individual needs for their specific ailment. The plant is very intelligent for our complex bodies and it strives to bring balance, a level of wellness and optimal health for each person who uses this.

Chronic illness not only takes a toll on our physical bodies but it also stunts our mental, emotional and spiritual health. While I am not “cured”, I know that I am functioning more efficiently than I would be if I hadn’t started using cannabis. Since I have welcomed medical marijuana into my life, it has led me to consider another way of utilizing my nursing, teaching and writing skills to care for others. I am positioned to become a nurse educator in the cannabis field to help patients in a way that I wish I was helped.  As evolving humans we are required to adapt. While change can be hard, it is the one constant that we can depend upon in life. Knowledge is power and change creates opportunities. I am ready to evolve by getting more involved. The opportunity has arrived. Call me the GREENNURSE!

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