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Happy Nurses Week!

We hope this email finds you exploring unique ways to impact lives and expand your professional horizons. We, at Holistic Caring and The Green Nurse, are elated to share our exciting developments with you.

As you may already know, medicinal cannabis has been carving its niche as a reliable alternative to conventional treatments, and the American Nurses Association (ANA) has recently recognized Cannabis Nursing as a Specialty. One day, there will be a board certification exam to demonstrate the knowledge and skills needed, and our groundbreaking program – the Cannabis Nurse Health Coach Program (CNHC) will help to prepare you and to ignite a new passion for nursing.

Additionally, history was just made as the DEA moved to reclassify cannabis from a Schedule 1 into a Schedule 3 drug. This will enable us to research cannabis products, build new pathways in patient care and education, and support millions of Americans to understand, adopt, and optimize this sacred plant. Nurses will have the opportunity to be on the front lines of all of these developments as the educators, healers, and advocates that patients need.

CNHC is one of a kind program, packed with a comprehensive curriculum containing three modules offering nurses 30 hours of continuing education, and an insightful Business-in-a-Box toolkit, ready to empower you on this fascinating new journey. Not only that, our CNHC Monthly Mastermind is an exclusive space dedicated to clinical and business development to ensure your sustained success in building your practice in a fun and supportive environment.

For only $1000, you can access our program for one full year. Beyond the first year, an annual fee of $300 ensures you remain active in all programs. You can view all of the details on our website. Join us during Nurses Week and save 50% off with Code NURSE50 – applicable from May 6th – 10th, and if you miss that, NURSE25 takes 25% off the rest of May.



Acknowledging the ever-evolving regulations and societal stigmas, we’re determined to equip you with accurate, evidence-based knowledge that will clear the haze surrounding cannabis use. We envision a united model of Health 3.0 and Cannabis 3.0, where the efficacy and trustworthiness of Cannabis Nursing takes center stage as the key professionals to lead America forward.

We warmly invite you to join this revolutionary platform, to transform lives, and to make strides in a burgeoning market that promises unprecedented professional growth. If you’re keen to understand more, you can watch our video presentation on the changing environment HERE or contact us at 970-404-HOPE (4673) or [email protected] to learn more.

Remember, medicinal cannabis is about plant-based, personalized, and complementary healthcare. We’re excited to take you with us on our mission, delivering tangible relief to patients while giving you rewarding new professional and business opportunities.


Thank you for being the change,
Elisabeth Mack RN BSN BA MBA – CEO and Co-Founder
Sherri Mack RN BSN – CNO and Co-Founder




Wednesday May 8thLive Event w/ Jessa Grace on Cannabis Nursing and Building a Heartfelt Business for health coaches and nurses.




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