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Happy June & Special Recognition to Our Dad’s!

We love our Dad’s and benefit greatly from the ones who spend their time helping us become all we can be. I lost my Dad at 24, and miss his guiding presence every day.  My father Earl was a victim to cigarettes, and we lost him to lung cancer at only 62.  If only I was able to help him quit, and learn healthier ways to manage stress and his anxiety.  Like many men who avoid healthcare, he didn’t listen.

Men tend to avoid doctors and don’t get the necessary medical screenings, leading to dangerous health outcomes. Men die at higher rates than women from any kind of illness or accident – heart disease, stroke, cancer, COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease), liver failure, kidney failure, diabetes, and suicide. Please help the men in your life get screened for potential issues with blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes, and even prostate concerns. Missed warning signs might be detected when other problems arise – like when they try to become a father and find themselves struggling with infertility.

Men’s health is an essential component to wellness – maintained through a combination of nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle adjustments to ensure optimum physical and psychological health.

  • Eating whole foods is the best way to get the most out of your diet, as processed and fast food are lacking in nutrients. Whole foods contain essential vitamins and minerals that will help you feel energized, healthy, and strong.
  • Exercising daily and breaking a good sweat 3-4 times per week is an important part of maintaining good physical and mental health.
  • Prioritizing sleep – you need 7-9 hours of good sleep every night to be well.
  • Taking time to meditate, pray, and connect with nature can help us to restore peace and calm in our lives.
  • Forming friendships are extremely important for our mental health, providing us with a strong support system to rely on when things get tough.


Supplementing with phytocannabinoids can provide a shortcut to getting healthy by;

  • Reducing inflammation (helping you move with less pain and better mobility) 

  • Improving sleep quality (promoting good rest, better circadian rhythms)

  • Calming the nervous system (combating stress and anxiety) 

  • Strengthening the immune system (boosting wellness and recovery)

The benefits of these always outweigh the costs, so get started and keep going!

Cannabis use may affect a person’s testosterone levels, and raises the concern of erectile dysfunction as the effects of cannabis vary based on how much is consumed. Small doses stimulate and wake up the senses, but large amounts can quiet the nervous system and even shut down certain bodily functions.  Further research is needed to understand how long-term cannabis consumption affects testosterone levels, but individual factors such as age and physical health also influence how cannabis affects our hormones. Consult with your doctor if you have concerns – they often caution patient’s to stop tobacco and alcohol rather than cannabis.

Survey says!  According to a Stanford survey of 24,000 people, cannabis users have more sex than non-users. Cannabis has been used as an aphrodisiac for thousands of years, and today we have dozens of options for people to try;

  • Microdose THC edibles to relax your body and awaken your senses.

  • Daily CBD oil can relax your mind, help sleep, reduce inflammation, and improve overall well-being making you healthier for sex. 

  • CBD & THC lubricants can deepen arousal – try a few with an open mind. 

  • Sharing a vape pen or water pipe with mid-potency THC can relax the vibe with your partner and may spice up the bedroom.

While data is sparse, observational reports (real-world data) from those using whole-plant cannabis formulations are encouraging.  We’ve coached thousands of people looking to improve health outcomes and wellness goals.  If you are looking to work on a specific Men’s Health challenge or improve overall well-being, consider a CBD / Cannabis Coaching session…or give someone you love better health!

Hug your Dad extra this month, and work on living your best life together!



Coming up May 22nd, we will present at the American Cannabis Nurses Association Conference. Join us in Denver to hear Sherri & Elisabeth present “Activating the Endocannabinoid System Naturally”.  Elisabeth will present a solo on “Building a Nurse Led CBD Clinic”, and Sherri will present a poster on “Spirituality is the Root of Cannabis Care”.  Excitement is building as ACNA is creating a path to Certification for Cannabis Nursing.  Elisabeth concluded her 3-year role as Treasurer in January when Sherri assumed her role on the Board of Directors.  Join all our beautiful Nurse colleagues next month in the Mile High City!

Closer to home on June 1st, Elisabeth & Sherri will present and emcee a Community Connection Event at the College of the Desert in Indio on “How Cannabis Benefits Communities”.  The event is co-sponsored by The Coachella Valley Cannabis Alliance Network, and Elisabeth was just elected to serve on their Board of Directors to contribute to local outreach and advocacy.

How can we help you and your organization?  Reach out and let us know how our expertise can benefit the people you serve.  Let’s get creative and help millions live their best lives.  Cheers!



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