A multi faceted approach to self care.


Today’s world has endless amounts of instant gratification. Instant fixes for everything. Have this? Take that! Want this? Buy that! It is important to remember that the best things in life don’t always happen quickly. Every choice we make to better ourselves takes time. It is a journey. I don’t know about you, but for me, when the best version of me was unfolding, I needed support. Healing slowly and consistently changed the trajectory of my life and now I help others learn to do the same.

Hello! Thank you for reading! My name is Katie McCarthy and I am a registered nurse, reiki master, cannabis health coach, and a friendly health and wellness advocate with a multifaceted approach to healing. If you are wishing you made time for self-care, but don’t even know where to begin, I am here to teach you to find clarity in the C.H.A.O.S. of everyday life. Our 12 week program helps you build a self care regimen that fits your lifestyle. The key concepts of C.H.A.O.S. are as follows:

C. Clear Your Mind. What are the methods of self care that bring you joy? That allows you to clear your head, and slip into a “flow state”? For some it’s yoga, meditation, exercise, being in nature, listening to music, dancing etc. We will explore different ways to take a daily “time-out” to focus on YOU.

H. Heal with Hemp. Holistic and natural healing bring you to an entirely new level of capacity. When your cup is full, you can pour into others, but you have to take care of yourself first. One of the most life-changing tools in my wellness tool box is Cannabis. So many of my clients have been living in a state of dysregulation because they have never learned to nourish their endocannabinoid system (ECS). The healing with hemp portion of my program introduces using CBD and minor cannabinoids to supplement the ECS to bring your body back to balance, assisting in developing a consistent self care routine. By sharing my favorite products, a dosing guide, and a personalized care plan, clients can learn how to appropriately use cannabis while checking in with themselves and allowing their own body to lead the navigation of their cannabis needs.

A. Affirmations and Accountability. It is crucial to acknowledge the impact that our thoughts have on our wellbeing and overall success. Affirmations are powerful tools that can help us rewire our minds, allowing us to cultivate a positive mindset and to attract abundance into our lives. And guess what? You don’t have to do it alone. We will also discuss accountability, and with me as your accountability partner, we will create a system with a clear and measurable goal.

O. Organize Your Thoughts. Get a daily journal, planner, or use the notes section in your cell phone. It is easy to feel overwhelmed by the constant stream of thoughts and ideas flowing through your mind. Journaling provides a valuable outlet for us to declutter our minds and gain clarity in our thoughts and emotions. Our program provides your journey with a weekly journal prompt assignment for you to complete.

S. Setting Boundaries. How many times have you said, “I would, but I don’t have the time!” Likely this excuse is valid. Many of us don’t have time. Time is a gift. You have to make time for yourself, as it is the most valuable gift you can give. The first person who should receive your time is YOU! If saying yes to something pushes your limits, say no. It sounds easier said than done, but you can make your “time-out” non-negotiable.

Embarking on our 12-week personal development program while incorporating a CBD regimen can be truly transformative. This combination allows you to address both the mental and physical aspects of your well-being, helping you navigate stress, overwhelm, and burnout more effectively. The program offers guidance, support, and tools to help you cultivate self-awareness, build resilience, and develop healthy coping mechanisms. Meanwhile, CBD acts as “an assist”, naturally supplementing the journey, providing a sense of calm, promoting restful sleep, and reducing inflammation. By embracing this holistic approach, your path becomes clear to become the best version of yourself, equipped with the tools and mindset to thrive in all areas of your life.


Client Case Study: Meet 46 year old Laney. She is a high functioning career woman who holds a prestigious position as a Clinical Nurse Educator, and started her own coaching practice. She spent her entire career pouring into others, but lately, she has found herself pouring from an empty cup. Suffering from caretaker burnout and overwhelm, she was going through the motions of everyday life in a state of fight-or-flight. With her clients, she was experiencing imposter syndrome, and found herself stuck in a freeze response, wondering where her joy and passion had gone. She became interested in trying CBD but was not educated, had lots of questions, and did not want to be “high”. After a quick 10 minutes crash course on what CBD is and how it works, she was excited to learn more. One of the most important lessons that I teach is that CBD is not the only tool in your wellness tool box! My passion for the benefits of this plant is unwavering, but many other aspects in your life affect your success. Laney understood this and joined me for the 12 week adventure.

During Laney’s initial assessment we identified that she was experiencing poor sleep/wake cycles. She was starting her day by hitting her alarm multiple times, drained and unable to get out of bed. So we decided to start on a simple Bloom Hemp CBD regimen that would address these concerns:


After using these products for 2 weeks consecutively and consistently, we conducted a personal inventory during our week 3 meeting. She was feeling amazing. She was sleeping better, and beginning her day with energy, focus, and drive to get back to that flow state of joy. As she started walking and exercising during her morning self care routine, she experienced soreness in her muscles and we decided to add two more Bloom Hemp Products:


The positive experiences Laney shared from using Bloom Hemp Products have motivated this client to further explore the benefits of Cannabis Health Coaching. She decided to enroll in the Holistic Caring Cannabis Health Coach Program so that she can utilize these tools with her own coaching clients. With first hand experience, she is confident that this wellness tool is not only for her personal growth, but for professional growth as well. She’s happy to share this path with her clients to help them heal.

Laney’s story is one of thousands of examples of how the clients with such a positive impact have found hope in hemp, and shared it with the people around them that will listen. This is our mission. To spread the love we have for this incredible plant, and the love that we found within ourselves. Imagine a world where we all feel joy and fulfillment in ourselves so we walk around spreading it to others. That is a world I want to be a part of, and the world I want to raise my kids in. Let’s keep spreading hope!!

Email us if you’d like to learn how to apply these tips to your life @ [email protected] and we’ll get you started on your new plan!



Katie McCarthy, RN, CHC, Holy Fire Reiki Master



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Cannabis & Mental Health
May 22nd, Wednesday, 4 PM PST

Join us for a Healing Happy Hour around Cannabis and Mental Health with This is Jane Project. Nurse Sherri and Elisabeth of Holistic Caring & The Green Nurse will be presenting and we will explore the relationship between cannabis and mental well-being, offering safe consumption guidelines tailored for the trauma-informed consumer.

This event is designed to be educational and empowering, providing valuable insights into the therapeutic potential of cannabis. Discover evidence-based information, practical tips, and personalized recommendations to navigate the world of cannabis with confidence and clarity. Whether you’re seeking to enhance your mental health or explore alternative healing modalities, this Healing Happy Hour promises to be an enriching experience.

Friendly reminder: Healing Happy Hour events are for women and non-binary individuals.

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