Let Freedom Ring

Hello Friends, I hope your independence holiday was filled with joy and relaxation! On this day, I am reminded about the many freedoms we have and also don’t have. As I think about freedoms, one really stands out to me; our freedom to choose medicinal cannabis versus pharmaceuticals. Every week at least one client tells us what a difference medicinal cannabis has made in their life, and how grateful they are for their Holistic Caring guidance. As patients and advocates, we lead from our own gratitude of eliminating pharmaceuticals in favor of high CBD and full spectrum therapies.

Pleiotropic is my word of the month, and it means having more than one effect at a time. Medications produce side effects, often prompting a 2nd RX to counter the side effects from the 1st RX. Cannabinoids are pleiotropic – one dose of balanced CBD/THC oftentimes eliminates multiple symptoms. Taking my CBD each morning reduces arthritis, migraines, anxiety, and lifts my energy. How many pills resolve several conditions at once?

If you could access a plant instead of a pill, would you? When we feel comfortable in our bodies, stronger and more balanced, there is a sense of empowerment and mental relief. By choosing cannabis, we are in fact allowing our bodies to operate in a natural, gentle way. Side effects may be peace, joy, and a relaxed consciousness.

Day by day, American leaders are starting to make the right choices too. 30 states now have safe, legal access to cannabinoids. The FDA approved Epidiolex last week which is the 1st cannabis based extracted oil that will enter the US market in about 90 days. Congress also just passed a farm bill that will allow US farmers to grow hemp. My continued prayers are for America to find freedom away from harmful pharmaceuticals in favor of lower cost options with better quality outcomes.
Exercise your freedom to make a healthier choice for your family with cannabinoid based health care. Your body, mind and spirit will thank you.

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