It’s Personal

It’s been an awesome journey of self discovery and healing to step into my passion of helping others utilize cannabis as a medicine. As one of the GreenNurses I have had the opportunity to empower patients by teaching how to utilize various tools, including cannabis, for optimal health and wellness specific to each patients medical challenges and associated symptoms. Cannabis isn’t an end all be all but it’s a powerful tool that I have added into my tool box along with other Holistic Complementary Therapies.

Cannabis is personal medicine and requires us to get intimate with the plant and our bodies. One size fits all approach does not work. All or nothing approach does not work. Our GreenNurses customize care plans for each patient to reach the optimal outcomes for symptom management.

The more I learn the more I realize I don’t know. The more I realize I don’t know the more I want to learn, share and teach others how to manage their symptoms with cannabis as one of the tools. It is much more than getting high. There are three ways to utilize cannabis; medically, recreationally and irresponsibly.

Our GreenNurses teach responsible and safe use of cannabis both medically and recreationally to all types of patients to improve quality of life.

If laughter is the best medicine and cannabis makes you laugh then cannabis is the best medicine!

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