Here Comes the Sun

Happy June, and may we please have more sun than gloom this month in San Diego!
Speaking of the sun – photophobia, or light sensitivity is often triggered from migraine headaches, and cannabinoids have been lifesavers to sufferers. Headaches are triggered from many different things like environmental allergens (Spring headaches?), foods, hormones, stress, hectic schedules, and genetic predisposition. My mother and grandmother both suffered from migraines, so go figure, I get them too. But, don’t feel sorry for me! Ever since I started to take routine CBD, and micro dose THC for the other symptoms that I have – arthritis and fibromyalgia being 1 & 2, I have had less migraines. Cannabis is one amazing medicine, because every time I take it for 1 symptom, the other ones fade away! Contrast that to traditional pharmaceuticals, where you need to take a 2ndpill for the side effects of the 1st!

A University of Colorado study revealed the following results;

Researchers reviewed reports from 121 adult participants and collected the following data:
About 85% of subjects reported having fewer migraines per month with cannabis
The average number of migraine headaches decreased from 10.4 per month to 4.6
20% of subjects claimed medical marijuana prevented migraines altogether
11.6% of subjects reported that cannabis stopped migraine headaches
About 12% saw no change in migraine frequency with cannabis
Only about 2% experienced an increase in migraine frequency

The rationale behind these #s – cannabinoids help solve endocannabinoid deficiency, for which migraine is a result. Resolve the deficiency in communication modulators (our internal signaling system), and you can lessen the problem. The body knows what fine tuning it needs, and it is up to us to find out what will help, and what will hinder our health.Forbes Study:

For me, the more I stay present, and incorporate cannabis into a holistic life approach on body, mind, spirit, the better I feel. We must de-stress, restore our sleep, lighten our mood, and give our cells the biological assist that they need. Bonus =Creative? CBD & THC along with other whole plant spectrum molecules available helps us regulate all 11 of our other body systems.

Do you have questions about how and why medical cannabis works? Is cannabis appropriate for you, and what about other RX? Do you have a busy life and can’t afford to be high? Those are the types of questions we help answer, in a personal consultation with your treatment plan.

Let us know if you or a loved one would like another option on the table for healing without the high. That’s what we specialize in at Holistic Caring – now serving you with 5 RN’s across San Diego County. Make an appointment online today and try another path towards wellness.

Blessings to you! Elisabeth Mack, RN, MBA [email protected] 619-880-5135

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