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Greetings to You and Happy Fall! October is a wonderful time to reflect with our longer nights and cooler temperatures. I’m finding my next steps as I reflect on the mission of Holistic Caring, which is to bring health and wholeness by bridging the gaps between traditional and cannabis medicine. Over the past year our team has gained a wealth of knowledge and experience from finding our patients need for this whole plant and a functional medicine approach. I can’t tell you how many people tell me “you’re my last hope, please help”. For these precious clients we hear you and are developing better programs to serve everyone better.

Our business model is evolving and I’m excited to share my future vision of Holistic Caring as we learn and grow. Moving forward, our nurses will provide consulting services via phone or skype, or scheduled at our LotusRain Clinic office. Please call to schedule at (619) 880-5135 or book on-line at

The past few months our outreach has been quite effective and our calendar full; Our Calendar My favorite event was on 9/20 where I did a 4 hour CE training for 40 geriatric care managers on the basics of cannabis medicine. Our upcoming educational programs will expand to include health professionals to better leverage our time, allowing many providers to begin guiding their own patients through the dosing process for cannabis. The educational events begun for community centers will soon serve CE courses for medical professionals interested in learning cannabis as medicine. Holistic Caring is a CE provider for nursing and I am looking for holistic disciplines to partner with to teach other clinicians – MD, ND, DC, and LAc. If you are a provider and would like to learn the endocannabinoid system, dosing cannabinoids, and how to guide and support your patients through the medical cannabis industry please connect with me. Training the trainers will begin in early 2019.

Presentations at Oasis and other venues will continue as we build our CE programs. Reference our calendar page and attend an upcoming Cannabis as Medicine 101. To schedule an individualized consultation via phone or at our LotusRain Clinic please contact us at (619) 880-5135 or Schedule a Consult. We’ll educate, guide, and connect you with a partnered dispensary who will bring safe, effective medicines to you.Happy Fall, enjoy these cooler days and longer nights with reflections on what gives you hope. Holistic Caring is thankful for better days because of the countless effects of cannabinoids. Cheers to healing. God bless, Elisabeth

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