Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a debilitating condition affecting the body, mind, and spirit. The condition results from direct or witnessed exposure to an extreme traumatic event such as war, police action, famine, earthquake, tsunami, assault, abuse, rape, kidnapping, torture, plane crash, explosions, life-threatening illness, or any situation involving the threat of death, extreme fear, dread, and helplessness.

PTSD most often results from sudden trauma that happens without warning, was repeated over long periods of time, included intentional violence to body and psyche and/or involved grotesque injury and death, rape, or the loss of a close friend or relative. Between 10-20% of people, and 20-30% of Veterans experience PTSD.

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Mental Health & Cannabis

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Mental Health & Cannabis

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How Cannabis Can Help

THC directly activates CB1 in the amygdala to reduce the fear response and the aversive memory recall in the hippocampus. Enhanced CB1 expression is seen in those with PTSD, showing receptors are seeking endocannabinoids to balance neurochemistry and to create homeostasis. PTSD itself can cause ECS deficiency as structural changes follow long periods of stress. THC activation at CB1 may begin to heal the damage. CBD reduces anxiety and depression evident in PTSD by activating 5-HT, calming and lifting mood.



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