Parkinson’s Disease

Over 10 million people worldwide are diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. Parkinson’s is a neurodegenerative condition which causes the death of neurons in the basal ganglia, causing a loss of dopamine production and a loss of motor and cognitive function. Treatment tries to slow the progression by reducing oxidative and excitotoxic damage to these neurons, and to manage symptoms. Nothing treats the condition itself. Sinemet and L-dopa-carbidopa may manage symptoms and polypharmacy is common. Deep brain stimulation implants and other surgical options have poor outcomes are poor, and none of the approved therapies really help in significant ways.

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Parkinson’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis & Cannabis

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Parkinson’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis & Cannabis

Discover how Parkinson’s / MS affects the body, an explanation of neurodegeneration and stages of the disease, how CBD & THC might help slow down the progression of the disease, and how to safely begin a treatment plan for each route of administration.

We provide starting dosing guidelines on CBD & ratio tinctures that are available in dispensaries along with dosing of edibles, patches, topicals, how to space from pharmaceuticals to reduce side effects and interactions, talking to your providers about using CBD & Cannabis medicines, and adding holistic medicine principles to heal naturally.


How Cannabis Can Help

Patients reported benefits with smoked cannabis: reduction in tremor, rigidity, bradykinesia, improved mood, and sleep. THC activates CB1 & CB2 receptors helping to balance neurochemistry and slow down neuroinflammation. CBD is neuroprotective and dampens oxidative stress slowing down the progression and stimulates dopamine directly which may provide benefit. Clinical trials showed inhalation improves symptoms for many with immediate benefits of tremor reduction, reduced pain, and spasm.



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