Insomnia is a lack of experiencing quality sleep despite having the motivation, time, and space for it to happen. Sleep is imperative for physical, emotional, and mental recovery. Sleep is key for optimal brain function and maintaining an effective immune system. A lack of sleep can cause physical disorders and affect anxiety and depression.

Insomnia affects 40-50% of the population, and increases with age, illness, and periods of intense stress. Treatment revolves around behavior modification and pharmaceuticals.

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Mental Health & Cannabis

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Mental Health & Cannabis

Understand how and why CBD/Cannabis medicine can be helpful for alleviating symptoms of a variety of mental health conditions, such as: Anxiety, Depression, Insomnia, PTSD, Psychosis, and Addiction. Begin a new path to wholeness today.


How Cannabis Can Help

Sativex, Cessamet, Marinol have been successful in trials for other illnesses with sleep benefiting as a side effect. CBN & THC together may put the body to rest allowing patients to fall asleep faster, sleep through the night, and to achieve extended periods of deep sleep. CBD is alerting at low doses, so higher dosing can sedate due to the biphasic properties. The calm felt from wellness dosing of CBD naturally provides better rest at night. Cannabis reduces REM sleep and may help those suffering with nightmares and flashbacks of PTSD.


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