Celebrating The Year!

Holistic Caring & The Green Nurse are grateful to celebrate our very busy 2023. We have worked tirelessly to create opportunities through the obstacles.

Here’s just a taste of what we’ve accomplished in 2023:

Cannabis Nurse Health Coach Certificate Program

  • We relaunched our most comprehensive Cannabis Nurse Health Coach Certificate Program. With 30 CEUs for Registered Nurses, a Monthly Mastermind for continuous Clinical & Business Development, and the foundational preparation for the eventual board certification exam.
  • The Cannabis Nurse Health Coach Certificate Program is offered with a Licensing Program – meaning that our CNHCs can utilize our intellectual property to build their own Nurse-led clinic. Be in business for yourself, but not by yourself by utilizing our quick start guide to build your own coaching practice with our Clinician’s Toolkit.
  • The Society of Cannabis Clinicians launched their new Nursing Curriculum featuring our very own Holistic Caring programs! We will be sharing the SCC Courses in our Shop so stay tuned for more offerings soon!



Nursing Scholarships
Our Hope is to offer Scholarships four times a year to nurses through our 501c3 donations.


Check out the Scholarship Page HERE


Non Profit – Holistic Caring Inc
We held a Reunion of Hope, our first big fundraiser for Holistic Caring Inc., our own 501c3 nonprofit. We are immensely grateful that our inaugural event successfully raised funds to support a cancer patient in accessing ECS-enhancing activities like Acupuncture and Cold Cap therapy for hair preservation.

Donate HERE


On Christmas Day, we will offer our first scholarship to one fortunate individual for the Cannabis Nurse Health Coach Certificate Program. Apply now if interested!
Please make a difference in someone’s life and donate to Holistic Caring Inc.
Your tax deductible contributions help us advance our mission of transforming healthcare through the power of Cannabis Nursing and holistic treatment options. Thank you for your generous support as we change the healthcare landscape!


Bloom Hemp CBD – It’s now Ours!
We bought our own CBD line to design the recipes for quality formulations complimented by a Free Nurse Line and Free Email Care Plans. We’ve got new wholesale and affiliate programs to help retailers all over America share our USDA Organic Premium CBD products. Connect today! We have 23 SKUs and 30 products…all that Americans need for quality, tested, safe, effective medicines driven by a nurse owned company.



GRANT APPLICATION – We applied for ANA Innovation Grant introducing CBD to Senior Care Delivery in home care and assisted living environments. They said it was a little early but to come back in 2025 to reapply and we will!

AWARDS – We had numerous media accolades and published our first press release about our purchase of Bloom Hemp to complete our Ecosystem. Check out our Press Page. Holistic Caring won Educator Of the Year from the American Cannabis Nurses Association in May. We were nominated for an additional 8 awards from the Cannabis Nurses Network for their Cannabis Nurses Appreciation Awards Party held on December 10th which included the following:

  • Cannabis Nursing Team of the Year – Holistic Caring & The Green Nurse
  • Cannabis Nursing Education Leader – Elisabeth Mack and Sherri Mack
  • Cannabis Nurse of the Year – Sherri Mack
  • Cannabis Nurse Mentor of the Year – Sherri Mack
  • Cannabis Nurse Author of the Year – Elisabeth Mack
  • Collaborative Spirit Award – Elisabeth Mack
  • Rising Star in Cannabis Nursing – Katie McCarthy
  • Innovative Nursing Practice Award – Katie McCarthy


Nectarball – Elisabeth was in the documentary Nectar Ball as one of the cast members discussing the impacts of clinical care for medicinal cannabis.

Psychedelics – We launched our Psychedelic Program for patients and clinicians, with 1:1 individualized coaching appointments for microdosing support. We also launched our Free Monthly Plant Medicine Support Group.

RED CORAL Universe – Sherri’s 4-time Award Winning Podcast is YouTube & Social Media, but now we are syndicated on Red Coral Universe. Tune into our bi- monthly Green Nurse Podcast & Clinical Conversations shows!
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Our December newsletter delved into the fascinating topic of SAFE Consumption and explored the nuanced realm of alcohol and cannabis. Our December 13th Clinical Conversation reviewed their unique attributes, and taught why you may want to consider replacing alcohol with cannabis for a more mindful and holistic approach to social relaxation. We addressed the risks associated with crossfading, shedding light on how to navigate the fine line between indulgence and responsible consumption. As an added treat, we had a delightful edible recipe to share! Learn to create Bloom Butter for Christmas Cookies infused with the goodness of CBD/CBG/CBN isolates to enjoy delicious healthy healing. Here’s the PDF here for you all to enjoy over the rest of the holidays.

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Thank you for referring your friends and family to our educational and coaching services! Blessings to you for health and wholeness! Happy Holidays!

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