Intensive Breathwork Event

Cultivating Resilience, Health & Hope

Vibrancy through breathwork

The aim of this intensive process is to restore the body and personal being to health and vibrancy. Once achieved, we can look forward to living our vision and truth in the world.

Conscious breathwork is a simple yet powerful tool that allows you to return to health, balance, and, above all, to reconnect you to what you love in yourself and the world.

This breathwork process involves not only energizing yourself during each session, but creates tangible shifts in your day-to-day life. As a six-session journey, it gives enough space to integrate each step of the way, while generating a powerful energy of transformation. 

Six sessions over three weeks, each lasting 75 minutes. Sessions include theme discussion, breathwork explanations and a 40-minute breathe.

The process includes a Whatsapp group to share further reflections, experiences and ways to integrate the effects of the breathwork into our lives and a Google Drive with recordings of each session and a bonus “44 Breaths” Recorded Breathwork Practice.

Many of the breathwork styles involve lying down, so access to a mattress, pillow and blanket is important.

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Creating the life you desire

We will be using conscious breathwork in order to enter a state of meditation and, beyond that, trance.

Breathwork allows our bodies to rest, restore and heal. Above all, it also allows us to access an inspired space; a space of inspiration and connection to our deep inner self. 

Breathwork is not only for healing within, but also to gain the inspiration to see the way ahead to create the life you desire. 

Program Outline

Session 1

The basics of breathwork. Some principles and approaches regarding conscious breathing. Creating a non-judgmental space and intentional process.

BREATHWORK PRACTICE: “44 Breaths” is a ‘counted’ style of breathwork; as a “turbo-charging technique”, it is a powerful tool for relaxation, meditation and mental focus.

Session 2

Connecting to your body – strengthening health and vigor. Clearing out blockages and strengthening health.

BREATHWORK PRACTICE: “Intuitive” Breathwork is a ‘free-form’ approach to conscious breathing that allows the body and consciousness to work together. In this way imbalances may be detected and healing brought about.

Session 3

Opening to your potential and true inner voice. Clearing out blockages and healing deeper emotions.

BREATHWORK PRACTICE: “Seat-of-Truth“ Breathwork us to break out of resistances and illusions, in order to align self with personal truth. We feel and expand this truth in out body and being, to make it more tangible.

Session 4

Our personal power is only as strong as the vessel containing it. In this session we learn to “hold” and direct our power. Conscious intention is essential in directing the raw energy in the direction you wish to channel it.

BREATHWORK PRACTICE: “Cosmic Tree” Breathwork. Drawing power from the earth and heavens, this technique teaches us how to hold power within our body and being, while reaching for spiritual inspiration.

Session 5

Strengthening our ability to create the lives that we desire. Creativity involves not only what you MAKE or DO in the world, but HOW you consciously create your world. Finding ways to contain, direct and channel creative energy.

BREATHWORK PRACTICE: “Raw Power of Creation” Breathwork. Cultivating a visceral experience of the raw creative power within you through conscious breathwork.

Session 6

Developing a sense of a Chosen Future Self is important in cultivating purpose, faith and a vision of the future.

BREATHWORK PRACTICE: “Future Tapping” Breathwork. Experiencing a Chosen Future and creating a visceral, cellular memory of it through breathwork.

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