The canary in the coal mine

Blog Post - The Canary in The Coal Mine

Veterans have long suffered physical and mental health conditions that impact quality of life. A recent study surveyed Veterans cannabis use and found they are using it to treat chronic pain, PTSD, and anxiety. Of those who pivot to medical cannabis, 78% report being able to actively reduce pharmaceuticals. Veterans have high RX rates of daily medications, with some taking 30-40 pills a day…so imagine if that could drop to 6-10! The problem with medical cannabis remains lack of access, affordability, and fighting stigma from family and care providers. Cost is a major barrier, as copays for those drugs average $100/month, which are mailed right to their home from the VA. Medical cannabis formulations, tinctures, flower, concentrates – average $300/month according to the study. The Veterans also report reducing alcohol, tobacco, and illicit drugs, so perhaps costs are offset by other savings.
The true win for Veterans and their Clinicians is efficacy. Another PTSD study found a 75% reduction in CAPS scores for Veterans who used medical cannabis. Cannabis regulates the neurobiological functions of PTSD by activating the CB1 receptor, lessening hypervigilance, anxiety, nightmares, and intrusive memories. Imagine what that does to quality of life! Also, CBD in addition to psychiatric care reduced symptoms of PTSD in study participants 91%.

Veterans are in need of healing, but so is everyone. Anxiety from the 2020 election is plaguing all Americans – regardless of party. More than three-quarters of Americans (77%) say the future of our nation is a significant source of stress. COVID and healthcare concerns rank first, followed by the economy, racial unrest, inequality, climate change, natural disasters, and severe uncertainty. It’s a wonder any of us are sleeping secure. The APA recommends focusing on what you can control, engage in meaningful activities, connect socially, stay active, and vote!

My goal is to reach everyone we can to let them know that CBD & cannabinoids might be a safe and effective option. To honor Veterans, Holistic Caring offers a complimentary Fast & Friendly consultation to any Veteran who would like to try this option in November. Coupon code = VETERAN. We want to do our part to remove barriers, educate others on this option, and help heal the world. I was honored to speak @ NOVA – the National Nurses Organization of the Veteran’s Affairs on 10/29/20, and you can view the presentation here.

May you stay safe, healthy, and sane during this time, and please let us know if we can help. God bless all Veterans & all Americans (Red, Blue, or Purple).
In health, Elisabeth Mack, RN, BSN, MBA

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