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Cannabis Nursing's Rise:
Endorsements, Guideline & Standards from Major Nursing Institutions

The American Nurses Association (ANA) designated Cannabis Nursing as a subspecialty, opening a new frontier of nursing as millions of patients are looking for your care and guidance.

ANA Press Release
The National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN) published the 6 Essential Areas of Knowledge for all nurses, student nurses, and advanced practice nurses to learn cannabis therapeutics.

NCSBN Press Release
The American Cannabis Nurses Association authored the Scope & Standards of Cannabis Nursing for ANA approval. We applaud their efforts and leadership in helping create new opportunities for all.

ACNA Website

This program content will help you prepare for a future Cannabis Nursing Board Examination.

The Holistic Caring CNHC Program seamlessly integrated my prior education and experience with invaluable new insights. The presentation was exceptional, aligning perfectly with the cognitive processes of my brain, and probably many other nurses. I am eager to embark on this new journey. Much gratitude for your dedicated efforts in educating us on cannabis therapeutics.

Heather Meehan, RN

Registered Nurse

Standish, Maine

The Holistic Caring
Cannabis Nurse Coach Certificate Program

Evidence based programs founded on the latest research, 10 years of conference summaries, and experiential learning derived from thousands of hours caring for Medical Cannabis Patients.

Course Program open to all licenses. CEUs for Nurses.

This program content will help you prepare for a future Cannabis Nursing Board Exam.

No additional fees for licensing educational, marketing, or client materials.

Scholarships available to Nurses with a hardship, through Holistic Caring Inc.

Discounts available to members of the Society of Cannabis Clinicians.

Begin anytime - no need to wait for a new cohort to begin…start today.

Prepare to run your own clinic, work at a dispensary, research trial, laboratory & more!

Work from home in virtual coaching and cannabis education roles.

Cannabis Nurse Health Coach Certificate Program


This comprehensive 30-unit course covers the plant’s history, scientific aspects, research, compounds, and products. It equips you with essential knowledge for effectively treating various conditions, administering medicine, and dosing basics with a wellness and integrative care focus. The program includes quizzes and assignments to ensure practical application of this knowledge.

38 US States have legal medical cannabis programs,
and 24 States permit the Adult Use of cannabis products.

Over 75% of our population has access, and over 50 million people have used cannabis in the past year…but not everyone has been successful in their goals.

They need a Nurse!

Business training

Growing Your CBD Coaching Business

Jumpstart your journey into the CBD coaching industry with our Quick Start Guide. 

Access HC Affiliate & CBD Product Training Programs, develop your business, and enhance your credentials as a Holistic Caring Cannabis Nurse Health Coach (HC CNHC) and Green Nurse.

Access to our Private Cannabis Nurse Network

Embrace Knowledge & Community with Holistic Caring

The Holistic Caring Network community and forums are a space to learn, grow, and collaborate with both our team & fellow members.

Clinical Training

Elevate Your Nursing Practice with Cannabis Education & Business Insights

Unlock 30 Continuing Education Units for Nurses (12 CEUs for renewals) with our 4-week Online Self-Study Program. 

Immerse yourself in comprehensive cannabis education, including in-depth modules, recorded lectures, and monthly mastermind groups, all accessible via our dedicated app for a holistic approach to patient care.

Program Highlights

Explore Program Highlights Across Various Modules

Licensing FAQs

Licensing within the Holistic Caring Licensed Cannabis Nurse Health Coach Program (LCNHC) provides individuals with a “Business in a Box,” offering a streamlined pathway to achieve work-life balance & become part of a supportive community while running their own business.

Licensing is a similar term to franchising, and it means that the Licensee (your business) is able to earn new revenues by utilizing the intellectual property and systems of the Licensor (Holistic Caring).
Business Licensing is not the same as Professional Licensing. A Professional license grants the licensee the ability to practice a specific profession after satisfying academic requirements and passing a regulated exam. A Business license grants the licensee the ability to practice their craft using the intellectual property and business systems developed by another person or entity.

In the Licensed Cannabis Nurse Health Coach Program (LCNHC) you will be able to reference the entire curriculum to study at your leisure for 365 days, and will be offered an annual renewal for $300.

The LCNHC may also utilize the materials in the CNHC Toolkit with all of the patient appointment forms, disclosures, liability waiver, care plans, patient teaching, tracking logs, product dosing guides, dispensary dosing guides, medical cannabis guides, patient primer, 101 Community Presentations and scripts, marketing collateral. Once a license term expires you may not use any of the intellectual property. Use means copying, publishing, displaying, making derivative works, and any other unenumerated use.

Holistic Caring branding must remain on all materials used. The licensee may not remove any logo or trademark from the original work that was permitted for use by the licensor. In addition, the licensee may only utilize the licensed materials for their own personal individual use, and not to develop training materials for external audiences. Example, a Registered Nurse LCNHC licensee may utilize licensed and branded materials for their own daily practice to consult with clients. A LCNHC may not remove Holistic Caring branding and utilize licensed materials to train other professionals as if they were the licensor.
Essentially, Licensing means you get a “Business in a Box” so that you can rapidly achieve the work life balance of your dreams, and spend far less time and money in doing so. Be in business for yourself, but not by yourself. You are part of an elite group ready to serve your community.
Licensed Cannabis Nurse Health Coach Program (LCNHC) members also receive the Quick Start Guide to starting your own coaching business. This also includes one personalized session to focus on your business development goals and to determine your business strategy.
Licensed Cannabis Nurse Health Coach Program (LCNHC) members also get to display the logo of Holistic Caring Green Nurse on their own business cards or website as being a licensee, having well recognized branding to begin your business. You can name your business what you’d like, but you get to claim you are one of us, a specially trained Cannabis Health Coach in good standing.
Licensed Cannabis Nurse Health Coach Program (LCNHC) members may join the CNHC Mastermind Sessions. This is a special group that meets monthly to discuss clinical and business topics to help train and equip each member to become the best they can be in their own care settings.

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