Cannabis for Health: Become a Coach


All inclusive cannabis healing guidebook – CANNABIS FOR HEALTH: Become a Coach

Healthcare Professionals, Caregivers, and Patients with chronic conditions now have the right information about Cannabis to help themselves, those they love, and their practice.

Cannabis ushers in healing and wellbeing naturally, gently, and economically in a way that will empower you to take back your health. Cannabinoids reduce inflammation, improve neurological communications, and tame the stress response. Cannabis bolsters the immune system by harmonizing all of your systems to find homeostasis, or balance.

Cannabinoids make lifestyle medicine work better by providing pain relief, more energy, better rest, and cellular repair throughout the body – mind – spirit. True healing is possible, and this plant is a treasure trove of wellness that needs your help to reach millions.

Cannabis for Health will tell the reader about products such as tinctures, topicals, patches, edibles, vapes, and sublingual strips. Practical dosing is included along with how to safely experiment with the various modes of use.

Healthcare Professionals and other coaches can now learn that cannabis medicine is an amazing opportunity to broaden and modernize their practice.

Cannabis is a $25 billion dollar industry exciting the millions who see a path to ease their suffering, as well as providing professionals with more revenue.

We need professionals to guide patients and change the stigma of medical marijuana by acquiring this knowledge and serving their communities as the bridge between traditional and cannabis medicine.

Join us and boldly participate in the changing paradigm of healthcare today.

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