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Happy May, and a Special Blessing to All of Our Mother’s!

The year is flying by but we’re proud to be making steady progress! Our newest content recently presented is here to educate, inspire, and to foster collaborative change.  Cannabinoid therapeutics is a nascent field, but we’re committed to contributing for the long term, and will do what it takes until every medical cannabis patient has access to a trained clinician.

On April 3rd, we began our live weekly training and mentoring sessions for our Cannabis Health Coach (CHC) Nurses. Join the Shadow Cats Group in the Network to deep dive through the entire curriculum and discuss the modern practical applications of the research and theory.  If you are not yet in the CHC Program, enroll now with ½ off using Spring50 and join us!

On April 20th, we presented to 400 Care Managers in San Diego at the Aging Life Care Associates Conference. Sherri & Elisabeth taught Using CBD & Cannabis for Dementia” to enlighten them on the safe, effective use of cannabinoids to reduce symptoms of anxiety and agitation, and to improve sleep, appetite, and mood. Green Nurse Coaching services purchased by a Senior Care Manager for a client creates a win-win! We’ll care for the Senior while teaching you the best practices for finding vetted products, beginning dose titration, and tracking outcomes. Seniors have the most to gain from CBD, and we’ve assisted thousands over the past 8+ years.



On April 20th, we also presented to 100+ Students & Faculty at Point Loma Nazarene University on “Cannabis & The Developing Brain”.  The brain is still forming till age 25, and all should abstain from recreational use till then to protect the integrity of the natural endocannabinoid system.  UCSD faculty and treating psychologists and addiction doctors rounded out this lively panel discussion. Sherri brought stories of young adults who were using cannabis as medical patients, benefiting them and their family over ineffective treatments from conventional care.  Being a Pediatric Specialist helps Sherri successfully guide families to alternative options.



On April 25th, we presented to 100+ Insurance Agents & Brokers at the Los Angeles Association of Health Underwriters Symposium at the Pasadena Convention Center.  Elisabeth educated the room on “Improving Health & Wellness with CBD”, advancing the theory that CBD will help health plans save money and improve outcomes for their members.  Conventional care is not effective for chronic conditions, but Clinical CBD + Nurse Coaching can be a game changer.  New drugs like Biologics are expensive and experimental, but cannabinoids have been medicine for the last 5000 years.  Our new consulting services will lead into a new paradigm of healthcare as Elisabeth rekindles relationships from her 20-year insurance career.



Coming up May 22nd, we will present at the American Cannabis Nurses Association Conference. Join us in Denver to hear Sherri & Elisabeth present “Activating the Endocannabinoid System Naturally”.  Elisabeth will present a solo on “Building a Nurse Led CBD Clinic”, and Sherri will present a poster on “Spirituality is the Root of Cannabis Care”.  Excitement is building as ACNA is creating a path to Certification for Cannabis Nursing.  Elisabeth concluded her 3-year role as Treasurer in January when Sherri assumed her role on the Board of Directors.  Join all our beautiful Nurse colleagues next month in the Mile High City!

Closer to home on June 1st, Elisabeth & Sherri will present and emcee a Community Connection Event at the College of the Desert in Indio on “How Cannabis Benefits Communities”.  The event is co-sponsored by The Coachella Valley Cannabis Alliance Network, and Elisabeth was just elected to serve on their Board of Directors to contribute to local outreach and advocacy.

How can we help you and your organization?  Reach out and let us know how our expertise can benefit the people you serve.  Let’s get creative and help millions live their best lives.  Cheers!





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May 10th @ 12pm PST will feature a replay of our LAAHU Presentation; “Improving Health & Wellness with CBD”.   Tune in and learn about how you can save money and find better health.

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