Jamie Rollins RN-BSN, CYT

Jamie Rollins


Nurse Supervisor

Jamie Rollins RN-BSN, CYT Jamie attended the University of Vermont graduating in 2004 with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. The majority of her 15-year career has been spent in Community/Home Health nursing. Post-graduation Jamie relocated to the Bay Area where she served as a Public Health Nurse for over 7 years. She visited patients in their homes daily providing care & aiding the sick and dying with the utmost compassion and loving-kindness at end of life. Jamie also had the opportunity to serve in multiple roles within the field of psychiatric nursing working with both children and adolescents in a variety of settings to help lovingly guide & support patients struggling with mental illness. After years of witnessing western medicines’ failures firsthand- and following a personal experience with the “Western medicine system” Jamie sought a connection to a deeper, more meaningful life. She embarked on an incredible journey of personal healing & empowerment on both a physical and spiritual level.

Jamie became a Certified yoga instructor in 2011 through the Deep Yoga School of Healing Arts in San Diego, CA. Traveling to India she continued her studies in Ayurvedic Healing, Nutrition & Vedic philosophy; all with the intention of integrating this knowledge back into patient care.

Exploring the world of ‘alternative modalities’ opened the door to amazing opportunities for entrepreneurial growth and expansion. In the late summer of 2018 Jamie entered the Cannabis Nursing world with unbridled enthusiasm. True Health Consulting was launched with the intention of providing quality consultation in the use of cannabis as a medicine. She continues to offer private cannabis and business consulting for physicians looking to integrate cannabis medicine into their existing practices.

Jamie is a highly sought-after speaker in the cannabis industry having presented numerous times over the past several years:

  • CWCBExpo in NY in 2019- “How to Become a Cannabis Nurse”
  • Recognized as a member of the Cannabis Nurses Network Speakers Bureau-after speaking at their 2020 Cannabis Nurses Network Conference about “Nursing Transitions- Integrating cannabis medicine right where you are”.


Jamie is an active member of the American Cannabis Nurses Association and serves on their social media team as a moderator. She is also an active member in the Cannabis Nurses Network and is also involved in the International Association of Psychedelic Nursing.

She is a lover of life, a seeker, a seer, a conduit; devoted to leading a life of service and leaving a legacy of love & hope.

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