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Heather Shelton


Heather Shelton RN, BSN is a nurse herbalist specializing in cannabis therapeutics.  She has worked with botanical medicine for over two decades and incorporated cannabis work 10 years ago.  Heather provides consultations that include cannabinoid therapy, nutritional guidance and how to incorporate healthy lifestyle changes.  Heather blends her botanical medicine experience with her traditional nursing experience to offer a unique (w)holistic approach to care.  She teaches classes about cannabis and herbal medicine in her community and is updating to an online format.

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Lisa Nicholson


Lisa Nicholson, L.Ac., is a master acupuncturist, licensed in California and nationally certified. She holds a BA in psychology, an MS in rehabilitation counseling, and is a graduate of Pacific College of Oriental Medicine. Lisa has been in private practice in San Diego for over 20 years. She is a skilled nutrition counselor and wellness coach, with a passion for helping people experiencing physical and emotional pain to reconnect with their zest for living. As a Chinese herbalist, she is especially excited to be able to coach people who want to safely use cannabis for wellness and relief from a variety of symptoms. As a breast cancer survivor, Lisa is particularly devoted to helping other cancer patients get through their treatment and restore their health. She has experienced the challenges of surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, and hormone therapies and she has successfully returned to her athletic lifestyle following treatment. She continues to use cannabis medicine to support her own healing and wellbeing. When she's not in the office, Lisa can be found cooking with her husband, designing jewelry, hanging out with her cat, or riding crazy distances on a bicycle. 

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Teri Polley-Michea


I have been blessed to work as a RN for over 40 years. My specialty was Emergency Medicine, Integrative Medicine, and Oncology. I am dually licensed as a RN and a Massage Therapist. I am also a Reiki Master and Teacher. I am honored to assist patients on their journey to healing with cannabis as medicine.

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Ruth Hill


Ruth brings over 54 years of nursing from a multitude of settings including hospice, palliative care, executive management in the home health industry, and the teaching of nursing in Associate Degree Programs. An entrepreneur having started a six-bed residential facility for the elderly, a consultant for home health agencies a lecturer on health and palliative care all provided an effective segue into cannabis consulting for health and wellness. Ruth is a member of the Hospice and Palliative Nurses Association, the American Cannabis Nurses Association, Rancho Mirage Wordkeepers, Palm Springs Writers Guild. A prolific writer of poetry and articles on cannabis.

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Janice Bissex


Janice Newell Bissex is a Holistic Cannabis Practitioner and Registered Dietitian Nutritionist. After her dad found relief from his pain using medical cannabis it became Janice’s mission to help others suffering from chronic pain, anxiety, insomnia, autoimmune disorders, IBD/IBS, and other debilitating conditions find relief using CBD and cannabis. She completed training and certification through the Holistic Cannabis Academy and completed the Cannabis Fundamentals Certificate Program at GreenFlower. She is Co-Program Director, Cannabinoid Medical Sciences at John Patrick University School of Integrative and Functional Medicine and the author of Simple Guide to CBD: Fact, Fiction, and a Path Forward. After extensive research, Janice sourced the highest quality organically grown, broad-spectrum hemp CBD products for her clients that she sells under her Jannabis Wellness label.

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Wendy Jones


Welcome to CannaQuest! I am a cannabis nurse navigator who provides one on one consultations to educate about our bodies Endocannabinoid system and provide the opportunity to access reliable information and answer questions in order to safely navigate the cannabis space while making intelligent decisions regarding your personal healthcare journey. By appointment only. 

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