Elisabeth Mack - RN, MBA, Holistic Caring Founder & CEO

Elisabeth founded Holistic Caring in 2016 to bridge the gap between traditional and cannabis medicine through education, guidance, and supportive care for patients.  An educational provider for the California Board of Registered Nursing, she professionalizes medical cannabis by equipping healthcare providers to have necessary conversations with patients and to approach cannabis by emphasizing holistic and functional medicine. 


Her background includes a decade working in hospitals where she specialized in psychiatry, diabetes and medical units. Prior to starting Holistic Caring, Elisabeth spent 20 years in operations and sales management of several health insurance carriers (including RSM of Anthem Blue Cross). She believes cannabinoid medicines offer a chance at healing, comfort and wholeness in a more holistic, economical and empowering way. 

Elisabeth earned her MBA in Healthcare Administration, a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. She is also a member of the Society of Cannabis Clinicians and serves on the boards of the American Cannabis Nurses Association (ACNA), Los Angeles NORML, and the San Diego Cannabis Chamber of Commerce.


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Janna Champagne - RN, BSN, VP of Clinical Research

Janna contributes deep exploration of scientific principles of cannabis, nursing, and clinical practice to the Holistic Caring curriculum and patient programs, ensuring state-of-the-art knowledge and credibility. She first found cannabis as a patient when she suffered a debilitating immune health collapse in 2012. Cannabis helped reduce harmful prescription drugs and enabled her to regain optimal health. Janna has educated thousands of patients, guiding cannabis therapy outcomes through an individualized approach. Having gained extensive clinical application knowledge through her work, she is a sought after educator, researcher and formulator within the cannabis industry.

Sherri Balzer - VP of Sales

Sherri directs sales efforts to extend Holistic Caring licensing and consulting programs to practitioners which benefit patients and the cannabis industry. Managing the CBD marketplace of recommended producers is an easy extension to her decades of experience in natural health supplements. With an innate desire to choose natural and healthy options since childhood, she is immersed in the wellness and natural products business, and lives a holistic lifestyle. With 20 years of experience, Sherri brings consumer retail and natural health expertise to the Holistic Caring team. Over the past two decades, she has collaborated with premium product lines which she evaluated extensively for quality, integrity and compliance. Her passion for supporting others to lead a healthy lifestyle led her to become a Certified Nutrition Consultant. She earned her BS in Marketing from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville.

Tasha Jackson - VP Program Development

Tasha melds the Holistic Caring program content for professionals, patients and industry insiders to maximize learning, retention and direct application of the company’s offerings. Working a decade in education, she gives structure, clarity and process to the courses and her passion for natural healing inspires others. Finding cannabis relieved her own experience with arm tendonitis in 2018, Tasha firmly believes in the power of plants. Her ideal work is to return the knowledge of plants back to the people. She is an aspiring herbalist, zealous educator, deeply spiritual and mother of two. Tasha earned her BA in Anthropology from University of Missouri – Saint Louis and her MA in Education from the University of Arizona.