Licensed Coach Course Details

The Holistic Caring CBD / Cannabis Health Coach Certification Licensing Program is now ready!

This curriculum compiles 5 years of extensive research and direct patient care. The Clinician’s Toolkit combined with your ability to listen, guide, and care for patients will provide everything you need to have a successful CBD consulting practice.

Ready to Enroll?  We make this as easy as  1 – 2 – 3…

  1. Complete the Individual License Agreement & Read the Terms & Conditions.
  2. Download the License Agreement and Terms & Conditions & Save to your files.
  3. Click Enroll Now & Visit the Course Platform to Buy & Begin…cost is $1100.

10% Discount for 2020 Enrollees! Tuition now is $990

Bring CBD expertise to your practice and enjoy the value differential of this emerging industry!

Become a competent and confident CBD Health Coach to guide patients to “maximize benefits and minimize harms” associated with cannabis medicine.  Patients are desperately searching for clinical guidance; be their path to empowerment. 

10 components of the Licensing program:

1 – Program = a 30-unit comprehensive study breaking down the history, science, research, plant, products, conditions best treated, a focus on wellness and integrative programs, and the practical guidance that patients and professionals need to engage with the CBD Industry in a safe and supported way. There are 12 CEU’s awarded to Registered Nurses for completing this program.

2 – Toolkit = a practical and customizable Form Library containing Assessments (short & long), Patient Teaching on the ECS, Care Planning, Product Dosing Guides for Dispensary Menus (Formulary), Tracking Logs, the Cannabis Medicine Primer, a Quick Start Guide that encompasses everything needed to begin your practice, and a 101 Community Presentation.

3 – Updates – access to upcoming Holistic Caring patient modules for condition-based care, and other works in progress to continue your learning path.

4 – Networking & Community Forums; align with your peers and journey forward with a community of pioneers.

5 – Monthly Mastermind – Founder led webinars deep dive into the latest news and updates on CBD Medicine. Learn clinical expertise directly from producers explaining the features and benefits of their products along with the operational and legal direction you need to explore CBD opportunities.

6 – Logo & IP – Use of the Holistic Caring Logo and Intellectual property as a Certified Holistic Caring CBD Health Coach.

7 – Marketing / Promotion – Your Company and the Contact information of your CBD Health Coach practice will be included in our online directory. Order Holistic Caring Cannabis Health Coach business cards when ready.

8 – CBD Marketplace – Coming Soon! Access to wholesale opportunities for the top vetted CBD Producers with COA’s & dosing guidance on all products to serve your patients and clients.

9 – 1 : 1 Calls with Elisabeth. We will help you get set up with an onboarding call.

10 – Affiliate opportunities! Would you love to share this with your friends and colleagues? We can get you set up with a sharing link to make some passive income $$$ helping spread the news.

*Explanation of Certification and Licensing

Licensing is like Franchising, but you’re not told how to run your business. You get the perks without the headache, or crazy cost. A lifetime renewable license entitles the purchaser to utilize the Holistic Caring CBD Health Coach title, use of the logo for your marketing materials, the comprehensive educational online course, ongoing access to the Holistic Caring Toolkit and our intellectual property, monthly webinars/training, mastermind access, marketing services through the online provider directory, and access to the coming wholesale CBD marketplace.


The annual $1200 expense is tax deductible to you as a licensee, as well as the startup cost of $990.

Outline of the Holistic Caring CBD Health Coach Online Course Curriculum:

  • History, social and legal landscapes across America, qualifying conditions 

  • Science, research, countries involved, clinical trials, past & present

  • Cannabinoids, terpenes, extraction methods and entourage effect

  • Dosing, routes of administration, pharmacodynamics, interactions

  • Contraindications, addiction, and who should not use cannabis

  • Conditions best served with cannabis, and beginning dosing protocols

    • Pediatrics; epilepsy, autism, cancer

    • Geriatrics; Senior issues, MS, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s

    • Cancer, Chronic Pain with opiate weaning, autoimmune conditions

    • Mental Health; anxiety, depression, PTSD, and wellness 

    • Adding functional and lifestyle medicine as cannabinoids facilitate health  

  • Tracking, titration, evaluating outcomes and making adjustments

  • The Costs / Benefits and considerations for health policy

  • Patient legal considerations, work, and societal issues

  • Provider legal considerations, standards of care, and business issues

  • Overview of coaching and becoming the local leader in your community to assist patients and families into new ways of thinking about cannabis use as medicine

  • Shopping for safe and effective medicines in dispensaries and online

  • Setting up your consulting firm, marketing, CBD networking, resources

After Enrolling in the Holistic Caring Course Curriculum:

  1. Once you’ve purchased the course prepare to participate in the Network

  2. Create your Holistic Caring    Network profile & account

  3. Select your Specialty from the drop down list to connect with peers

  4. Join the HCN Forum page and introduce yourself in the feed

  5. Note that the pulsating dot help lead you through the navigation of the site 

  6. Ready to begin the material?

  7. Click on Course to enter the course feed

  8. Click on Course Material to begin the curriculum

  9. Click on the arrows at top right to expand the view to full page

  10. Click on Course Introduction – watch video to get an overview of the course

  11. Click on Course Overview slide – layout of course – sections – modules and units – expand all links to gain full access to what the course entails as this writing is the Cliff Note version – quizzes – assignments – videos will expand content in several sections

  12. NOTE – each segment must be completed to advance to next section

  13. Complete each segment and do the quizzes to enter the final exam

  14. Complete final exam with 85% and get certificate 

  15. Final exam of 85% triggers your certificate to print upon completion

  16. Download the Holistic Caring    CBD Health Coach Toolkit – your CHC business in a box 

  17. Customize your information on the Holistic Caring   CBD Health Coach patient forms

  18. Download the Holistic Caring    CBD Health Coach QuickStart Guide for helps on starting your business


CBD acceptance rates climb to 66% of American’s supporting use as a medicine or recreation.  The industry has double digit growth rates, and there will be jobs to support this growth in all legal states.


According to Forbes, CBD is the fastest growing job sector in America beating tech and healthcare. Holistic Caring   bridges cannabis and healthcare to bring new solutions to trained professionals.