Happy New Year 2020

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My wish for this year of perfect vision is to secure Cannabis as medicine through federal legislation. I pray America will seize the opportunity to expand cannabinoids as a treatment option to all who struggle with chronic illness. However we’ll take all victories, and I share these updates from NORML & FORBES  as they illuminate the legal wins of 2019 and hopes for 2020. 
CBD will continue to grow in popularity as a wellness tool and the FDA  must create the regulatory framework to oversee compliant sales of quality supplements for daily life. 
Rising favor: 2020 vision should also steer holistic and traditional healthcare professionals into Cannabis classes and online training systems that help them coach their patients and communities. 
76% of physicians are in favor of using marijuana for medical purposes, and 92% of Americans say it has been helpful to them. MMJ Stats   1 of 2 Americans (150 million) suffer with a chronic condition that may respond to biological balancing of cannabinoids. If you are using CBD or Cannabis successfully, share this with your providers! If they’re open minded, direct them to Holistic Caring to learn how to add Cannabis & CBD to their patient conversations.
Coming Soon... Holistic Caring will soon launch our licensed Cannabis Health Coach certifications!  We’ll also debut online patient appointments with prepared lectures, workbooks, and mini-consults with a nurse. We’re coaching patients to weigh known objective facts with overrated hype, and to pursue educated decisions to gain favorable outcomes in health and wholeness.  Cannabis is not all you need – adding functional medicine to your CBD will help you achieve your health goals so schedule an appointment  today to find your best self in 2020!
Stay tuned to the Holistic Caring calendar for upcoming events and presentations for 2020. We’ve already got invitations to address Nurse Practitioners, Senior athletes, libraries, and a Women’s Leadership Summit. Contact us to request a nurse to speak to your organization. 
I hope that 2020 is a marvelous year for you.  May you and your loved ones find peace, wisdom, and love throughout 2020 and beyond.  God bless and happy new year! 
Elisabeth Mack & All the Holistic Caring Family! 

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