Holistic Caring was established in 2016 by Elisabeth Mack, R.N., BSN, MBA, to bridge the gaps between traditional and CBD medicine through education and services to patients. We offer the Holistic Caring CBD Health Coaching curriculum to train others how to approach and practice medicinal cannabis therapeutics.

The Holistic Caring CBD certification program & CBD Health Coach (HC CHC) Program is the ONLY CBD Certification Program in the U.S. which offers an annual renewable license for their Coaches. Nurses earn 12 hours CE Continuing Education from the Board of Registered Nursing upon completion.

As CBD is the sole industry in America with double digit growth, practical knowledge of how to use it is urgently needed. With a combination of 15 years of direct clinical CBD expertise along with being exclusively written by an RN, BSN, the Holistic Caring CBD Health Coach Program informs, trains, empowers, and equips educators, coaches, and healthcare professionals to learn the basics of cannabis medicine and guide them on how to recommend CBD to their patients, clients, friends, and family.

Healthcare providers will see becoming a Holistic Caring CBD Health Coach as a natural extension to help reduce suffering, increase well-being, create a stand-alone advisory practice, or allow new revenue streams to flow through their business. If you enjoy presenting creative content that can positively change the quality of life for others, you’re in the right place.


CBD has the ability to gently balance our biology and correct imbalance in the nervous, endocrine, and immune systems. Due to the last 100 years of prohibiting cannabis, few know how to use it for anything other than recreation. Yet there are new products, especially in the CBD area, that may reduce suffering and increase well-being from pediatrics to geriatrics. Education on the facts and features of cannabis medicine is needed to increase acceptance, understanding, and successful use.

Our Vision and Mission

Our mission and vision is to provide the educational process and programs needed to train health professionals. Providers then serve their patients, guiding them to effectively use medicinal formulations, thus creating a CBD Health Ecosystem.

Dispensaries focus on compliance, cash management, branding, and sales. Therefore, knowledgeable independent professionals are the solution for those who want dialed in results, saving time and money. By expanding our reach and offering a breadth of knowledge to educate CBD Health Coaches, we advocate for empowered healthcare options for patients with more effective outcomes. Inspiring others to learn more about healthcare in tandem with a new, thriving American industry makes it an exciting journey full of adventure and accomplishment.

Our Leader

Elisabeth Mack, RN, BSN, MBA, our Founder and CEO is an educational provider for the CA Board of Registered Nursing and professionalizes medical CBD by equipping healthcare providers to have medical CBD conversations with patients, and to approach cannabis by emphasizing holistic and functional medicine.


Elisabeth’s background includes:

  • An MBA in Healthcare Administration, a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, and a Bachelor of Arts in psychology
  • 10 years in hospitals where she specialized in psychiatry, diabetes, and medical units
  • 20 years prior to Holistic Caring in operations and sales management of several health insurance carriers (RSM of Anthem Blue Cross until 2015)
  • A member of the Society of Cannabis Clinicians
  • On the Boards of the American Cannabis Nurses Association & Los Angeles NORML
  • Believes cannabinoid medicines offer a chance at healing, comfort, and wholeness in a more holistic, economical, and empowering way
  • Author of Cannabis for Health: Become a Coach
  • Nationally known speaker, informing others of the cracks in the traditional health care system and guiding those interested in a new path with cannabis medicines as a facilitator to health
  • Continuing Education provider for the Board of Registered Nursing, training professionals to approach cannabis by emphasizing the nursing process


  • Combined 15 years researching and working in CBD Medicine
  • Visualizing components as systems, building and leading one step at a time
  • Hands on experience in patient care and cannabis industry management
  • The ability to differentiate and synthesize what the audience needs to know into an effective curriculum designed to grow new learning and experiences
  • Effective communication and teaching skills to deliver the education to those who desire to become CBD Health Coach and complete the CBD Certification Program
  • A passion for creating a new paradigm in healthcare