Holistic Caring™ CBD/Cannabis Health Coach Certification Program

Holistic Caring™ CBD/Cannabis Health Coach Certification Program

Bring CBD and Cannabis medicine to your existing practice to serve your patient’s educational and healthcare objectives. 

  • Guide patients to maximize benefits and support clinical care

  • Nursing/health coach education

  • Certification program (not licensing)

  • 12 hours of CEU for registered nurses

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6 components of the Certification program:

1 – Course – a 30-unit comprehensive study breaking down the history, science, research, plant, products, conditions best treated, a focus on wellness and integrative programs, and practical guidance that patients and professionals need to engage with the CBD/Cannabis industry in a safe manner. There are 12 CEUs awarded to registered nurses for completing this program.

2 – Clinician’s Toolkit – a practical and customizable library containing Assessment Forms (short and long), Disclosures & Liability Waiver, Holistic CaringTM Patient Teaching Guide,  Care Planning,  Dispensary Product Guide, Tracking Logs, the Holistic CaringTM Medical Cannabis Primer.

3 – Continuous Education – access to future Holistic Caring course units for condition-based care and latest research to continue your learning path.

4 – Networking and Community Forums – align with your peers and journey forward with a community of pioneers in the mastermind group.

5 – CBD Marketplace – Access to wholesale inventory and affiliate opportunities for top CBD producers who meet our stringent criteria to serve your patients and clients.

6 – Affiliate Opportunity. Increase your revenue by sharing the Holistic Caring offerings with your network.  Obtain links and banner ads to make passive income $$$ by helping spread the news.

Holistic Caring™ CBD/Cannabis Health Coach Online Course Curriculum:

  • History, social and legal landscapes across America, qualifying conditions
  • Science, research, countries involved, clinical trials, past and present
  • Cannabinoids, terpenes, extraction methods and entourage effect
  • Dosing, routes of administration, pharmacodynamics, interactions
  • Contraindications, addiction and who should not use cannabis
  • Conditions best served with cannabis and beginning dosing protocols
    • Pediatrics: epilepsy, autism, cancer
    • Geriatrics: Senior issues, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s
    • Cancer, Chronic Pain: opiate weaning, autoimmune conditions
    • Mental Health: anxiety, depression, PTSD, wellness 
    • Functional and lifestyle medicine: cannabinoids facilitate health  
  • Tracking, titration, evaluating outcomes and making adjustments
  • The costs and benefits of cannabinoids, and considerations for health policy
  • Patient – legal considerations, work and societal issues
  • Provider – legal considerations, standards of care and business issues
  • Regulatory structure and understanding State MMJ Programs 
  • Overview of coaching and becoming a local leader in your community to assist patients and families into new ways of thinking about cannabis use as medicine
  • Shopping for safe and effective medicines in dispensaries and online
  • Setting up your consulting firm, marketing, CBD networking, resources

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Apply the cost of this course to the Licensed Coach Program at any time in the future.

Ready to Enroll? Limited time tuition discount – $500