Course for Educators

The Holistic Caring CBD/Cannabis Certification Programs Are Ready!

This curriculum compiles 5 years of extensive research conferences and direct patient care. This guidance and your ability to listen and care for others provide everything you need to begin a successful CBD consulting practice.

Medical Cannabis Educator

Get up to speed on medicinal cannabis basics! Perfect for those who want to work around the cannabis industry

  1. A foundational knowledge to understand medical applications for cannabinoids

  2. 8 hours of CEU’s for RN’s

  3. Industry / public education

  4. Certification program – not licensing

Course Details

A comprehensive study breaking down the medicinal aspects to the history, science, research, plant, compounds, products, therapeutic, overview of conditions best treated with cannabinoids, wellness and holistic care, and practical guidance and resources to engage with the CBD and Cannabis Industry. Includes assignments for practical application of this knowledge.

Medical Cannabis Primer E-book Included Enroll Now for $299

  1. Consolidated guidebook to understanding CBD and cannabis medicine

  2. Complimentary Medical Cannabis Guide

  3. Apply the cost of this course to the CBD / Cannabis Health Coach Course or Health Coach Licensed program anytime!

Cannabinoids hold the power to affect healthcare in all populations, and to heal when other therapies fail. Adding CBD Cannabis Medicine offers a modality to bring healing to millions in a simple,  empowering, and economical way. Join us and boldly pioneer new frontiers in science and healthcare! Learn what you need to know to plan your next steps in business.