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Elisabeth Mack Explains: Why CBD?

Elisabeth Mack Explains: CBD Basics

Unity Formulas target specific symptoms by combining the wisdom of CBD, CBG, CBN and terpenes to create specialized blends. These CBD, CBN, and CBG blends are whole spectrum and organic ethanol-extracted to maximize the entourage effect. We are excited to be supporting the vision of Autism Safe Haven by donating 15% of all sales to the non-profit organization.

Green Relief CBD is known for high-quality medicinal products, and has applied for patents on its proprietary methodology to customize tinctures for patients and healthcare providers. This symptom targeted CBD is ideal for adults who want to take charge of their health and wellness with empowered solutions for daytime and nighttime pain, sleep, and anxiety reduction for better days.

The Bloom Method is a transparent quality control process that ensures our farm, processing, and manufacturing are held to the highest standards. Our quality and reliability testing includes independent verification for every step of production. We share not only what processes we use, but also why we test for the things we do!

As Clean Green certified farmers, we are held to the absolute highest standards for both the cultivation, harvesting, and processing of our crops. From our beautiful flower to our high potency extracts and products, it’s our primary goal to provide you with the cleanest cannabis possible. We passionately believe that organic, sustainable, and responsible agricultural and processing practices benefit the earth, our farm, the cannabis we produce, and ultimately you.

Medical Condition Search:  Search specific science & research by condition with key data points aggregated for easy use. 

Cannabinoid Search:  Target a wide range of cannabinoids to clarify the science and clinical trends for CBD, THC, and beyond.

Chemotype Guidance:  Glance through chemotypes (strains) to help inform medical decisions and cannabis product choices.

Full View of ECS Science:  Cannakeys 360° provides up-to-date science in cannabis and related therapies, aggregated for easy use.

The first rule of medicine is do no harm.  In an unregulated marketplace with limited knowledge and lots of opportunity there are bound to be bad actors. The FDA did spot checks and found only 30% of the CBD labels were accurate.

Having someone teach you how to discern quality is priceless.

Holistic Caring has taken on the duty to vet quality medicines because we care deeply about our clients health, safety, and goals to achieve.  Good medicines work well, bad ones disappoint and might complicate plans.  We only partner with ethical producers who do the right thing, and stand by clients with transparent customer service.

There is a lot of hype, but no definitive claims can be made on CBD doing anything specific in people because we haven’t been allowed to study it.  That is changing now but we will evolve slowly and exact protocols from the FDA are years off.

In the meantime, companies who are using Good Manufacturing Practices and comply with lab testing ensure safe dosing.  Medicines must be tested for:

  • potency – total milligrams can range from 300-3000. Gauge dosing by mgs/ml.
  • purity – must be free from pesticides, molds, heavy metals, contaminants
  • COA = the certificate of analysis with cannabinoid and terpene profiles
  • FLOW= flower derived, lab tested, organic, whole plant full spectrum is ideal

CBD is very safe at low doses of 10-20mgs 2-4 times per day to fine tune and support the ECS.  Dosing is very individualized, but generally more serious conditions need more medicine.  Most people find relief at 20 mgs per day for mild inflammation, relaxation, and improved sleep.  Small amounts are generally stimulating and larger doses fatigue. 

Interactions are limited under 50mgs per day but sensitive people with other medications should work with a cannabis clinician to determine safe use.  Space an hour apart from other pharmaceuticals and be sure to take with some food and hydration.  Dizziness is common as is dry mouth, faster heart rate, and a jittery or sedated feeling based on dosing.  These are temporary and generally fade in a week or so.

Tinctures are the most common route to take CBD systemically – into the bloodstream. That’s how it can travel through the body to heal every area, and the blood vessels in the mouth are like a sponge.  Swish and hold the drops in the mouth for 60 seconds and then swallow.  Wait 5 minutes to eat or drink, but then have water and a snack to help boost the absorption levels to optimize efficacy.

Take the medicines consistently on a daily basis for at least 30-60 days to evaluate efficacy.  Cumulative benefits improve conditions over time, so be patient.