Take Action!

It’s political season, and hope runs high for change.   California NORML has published an election guide that I’d like to share with you:  https://www.canorml.org/california-cannabis-voter-guide-to-november-3-2020-election/   National coverage is at:  https://vote.norml.org/ Double check your registration!  https://norml.org/act/register-to-vote Cannabis is on the ballot in many ways so please support access of this Sacred Plant to all Americans.  Congress is poised […]

Growing our Calendar & Vision

Greetings to You and Happy Fall! October is a wonderful time to reflect with our longer nights and cooler temperatures. I’m finding my next steps as I reflect on the mission of Holistic Caring, which is to bring health and wholeness by bridging the gaps between traditional and cannabis medicine. Over the past year our […]

Making Cannabis a Treat versus a Trick

Healing yourself with cannabis should be a treat. Ingesting some cannabis infused homemade brownies start you with the giggles…but sometime later you may feel like a hot lava cube is spreading through your nervous system causing pain and dysphoria. Your heart starts racing. You think you are having a heart attack. Finally, your cotton mouth […]

Seeking a better path

Maturity has taught me to use quiet reflection to process and create, knowing there would be a place to connect everything in time. Patience and perseverance temper my drive to solve complex problems as a big picture visionary. Time marches on as 33 states have legal programs, and cannabinoids become mainstream. CBD (NY Times) On […]

Welcome to Fall

Welcome to Fall.  As we reflect on our times, we grieve how Covid-19 has stolen 2020, and fear what is yet to come.  Wildfires, floods, and pandemic economics leave us vulnerable and shaken. Politics grow uglier by the day, and the options seem daunting – yet we must each cast a deeply considered vote;   https://vote.norml.org/    NORML will keep you […]

Industry Changes & Mind Your Dosing!

Happy August, and it is hot! Please stay calm, cool and hydrated. Speaking of things getting hot, there is heat in the cannabis industry as state regulators continue to adjust the flow of this market. Beginning July 1st, all cannabis products must be tested for purity and potency. New packaging rules allow only 100 milligrams […]

Are there interactions with CBD?

Will cannabis affect your other medications? Every prescriber of medicines (your doctor or nurse practitioner) needs to check interactions between the RX you are given. Computers usually do this for them, and decisions are made to minimize risks. Cannabis is now included in RX software for clinicians; (Cannabis + RX). Drugs can interact with each […]

Value in Healthcare

Happy August – it’s the mid-point of Summer, and insurance carriers are calculating premium increases for Fall rate actions.  Will COVID raise or lower premiums?  Kaiser reporting released a preview showing 2.4% average increases, though carriers are saving millions on lower spending due to canceled elective procedures and shuttered doctor offices.  20 years in insurance still has me studying […]

The Lesser Cannabinoids – there’s more than CBD & THC!

Cannabinoids are fatty acid proteins that affect your body in a myriad of ways. Our ECS or endocannabinoid systems keep us balanced at the cellular level without us even knowing it. Endocannabinoids that our body makes are mimicked and supported by phytocannabinoids –from the cannabis sativa plant. Yes, you are hard wired to supplement with […]

Let Freedom Ring

Hello Friends, I hope your independence holiday was filled with joy and relaxation! On this day, I am reminded about the many freedoms we have and also don’t have. As I think about freedoms, one really stands out to me; our freedom to choose medicinal cannabis versus pharmaceuticals. Every week at least one client tells […]