Happy July & Let Freedom Ring!

This July I treasure any sense of freedom I have. Liberty is challenged everywhere I look. As COVID-19 disrupts our sense of normalcy, self-care and self-direction become more important.  Systems are stretched to capacity, and traditional thinking is questioned.  Freedom over our body allows each of us to choose what kind of medicine we want, and how […]

Hug a Nurse

May Day! It’s May 1st, and the month to recognize nurses for protecting, promoting and improving healthcare for all. May also brings awareness for blood pressure, stroke, arthritis, skin cancer, osteoporosis, and mental health. As we continue to integrate cannabinoids into every day health promotion, I appreciate the vasorelaxant and neuroprotective properties of CBD & […]

Here Comes the Sun

Happy June, and may we please have more sun than gloom this month in San Diego! Speaking of the sun – photophobia, or light sensitivity is often triggered from migraine headaches, and cannabinoids have been lifesavers to sufferers. Headaches are triggered from many different things like environmental allergens (Spring headaches?), foods, hormones, stress, hectic schedules, […]

Let Freedom Ring

Hello Friends, I hope your independence holiday was filled with joy and relaxation! On this day, I am reminded about the many freedoms we have and also don’t have. As I think about freedoms, one really stands out to me; our freedom to choose medicinal cannabis versus pharmaceuticals. Every week at least one client tells […]

Industry Changes & Mind Your Dosing!

Happy August, and it is hot! Please stay calm, cool and hydrated. Speaking of things getting hot, there is heat in the cannabis industry as state regulators continue to adjust the flow of this market. Beginning July 1st, all cannabis products must be tested for purity and potency. New packaging rules allow only 100 milligrams […]

The Science Behind Cannabis-Assisted Opioid Reduction

We would like to announce the addition of Ruth Hill, RN, BSN, CHPN to the Holistic Caring Team! Ruth is in Palm Springs / Coachella Valley and will contribute a career in oncology, palliative care, and psychiatric nursing. She also enjoys writing so we will all benefit from her insights in our regular column in […]

Growing our Calendar & Vision

Greetings to You and Happy Fall! October is a wonderful time to reflect with our longer nights and cooler temperatures. I’m finding my next steps as I reflect on the mission of Holistic Caring, which is to bring health and wholeness by bridging the gaps between traditional and cannabis medicine. Over the past year our […]

Making Cannabis a Treat versus a Trick

Healing yourself with cannabis should be a treat. Ingesting some cannabis infused homemade brownies start you with the giggles…but sometime later you may feel like a hot lava cube is spreading through your nervous system causing pain and dysphoria. Your heart starts racing. You think you are having a heart attack. Finally, your cotton mouth […]

Growing with Love & CBD

CBD is a wonder drug! CBD is a must have daily supplement! Have you heard the headlines? Have you seen CBD advertised in your local boutique? What is so special about those 3 magic letters that trigger so much hope? Or, is this all hype that you should ignore? Researchers found the cannabinoids CBD & […]

Valentine Stocks

Want to give cannabis stocks to your Valentine? Ruth, our nurse in Palm Desert thought it might be fun to discuss Cannabis Investing as a fun, safe topic at your romantic dinner. You know when cannabis is safe for investment when “Varney and Company” on “Fox Business” puts up a screen with nine stocks. Varney […]