Men’s Health & CBD

Happy June & Special Recognition to Our Dad’s! We love our Dad’s and benefit greatly from the ones who spend their time helping us become all we can be. I […]

Help Us Change the Paradigm of Health Care!

Happy May, and a Special Blessing to All of Our Mother’s! The year is flying by but we’re proud to be making steady progress! Our newest content recently presented is […]

Gut Health & Benefits of Cannabis

From the Desk of Adam Abodeely, MD MBA FACS FASCR … In 2010, I was approached by my first patient asking my professional opinion regarding the use of cannabis as they were […]


  Happy March! This month we recognize the struggles of women around the globe living with endometriosis – an unrelenting condition that affects 10% of all females. From missed work and social […]

Heart Health

  February is the month to recognize and prioritize heart health! Remember – our heart beats over 100,000 beats per day and circulates rich oxygenated blood that nourishes our cells. […]

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