About Holistic Caring

“Process for Providers and Products to Patients through Programs”


We are building an integrated delivery system for the CBD/cannabis revolution because everyday people are starting to accept it as a solution. We’re so excited to play our role; to bring process to providers, so that vetted medical cannabis products can treat patients through programs of guided support.


After a bicycle accident in early 2015, Elisabeth Mack found relief with high-dose CBD and targeted THC therapies. She used that year to move away from various prescription drugs that she had taken since 1994 for a previous shoulder surgery. The cannabis pain management process was enlightening for her as she dove into research, attended conferences, and networked her way through the cannabis industry. 


Realizing that nobody was interpreting anything for true medical cannabis patients, she founded Holistic Caring in May 2016 to serve the educational, supportive, and logistical needs of patients and began training other nurses to help. Open opportunities are available for those who can help make it practical to medical patients who need guidance. Education will soon become a mandated portion of what is offered to legal cannabis customers in America and our coaches will be ready to help fulfill those requirements.


Holistic Caring coaches help others achieve success because we are connectors, advocates, educators and healers. We are also patients who find wholeness through this plant. We know how to work through medications, therapies and holistic pathways to get you back to health.