About Holistic Caring

Holistic Caring has created 5 cornerstones of operations;

“Process for Providers, and Products to Patients through Programs”

We believe in an integrated, data driven delivery system for the coming medicinal cannabis revolution. As the stigma of cannabis is fading, conventional people are starting to open up to this solution.


After a bicycle accident in January 2015, Elisabeth found relief with high dose CBD and targeted THC therapies, spending the year weaning other pharmaceuticals she took since her first shoulder surgery in 1994. Discovering cannabis was a facilitator to holistic medicine, she researched everything she could read, attended conferences, and networked her way through the cannabis industry. At the January 2016 Women Grow conference, she realized that people were making great medicines, and while stores were selling them, there was no one to interpret anything for true medical patients.

She founded Holistic Caring in May 2016 to serve the educational, supportive, and logistical needs of local patients, and began training other nurses to help. Her training manual, Cannabis for Health: Become of Coach incorporates components of the live training classes that have been compiled into an online learning system- the Cannabis for Health Coaches program (CHC).


Cannabis legalization has thus far only focused on compliance and diversion issues. This leaves open opportunities for those that can help make it practical to medical patients who want guidance. Education will soon become a mandated portion of what is offered to legal cannabis customers in America, and HC CHC will be ready to help fulfill requirements.

Holistic Caring Coaches help others achieve success because we are connectors, advocates, educators, and healers. Many of us are patients ourselves, finding wholeness through this plant, and know how to tie together your list of medications, therapies, and holistic pathways to get you back to health.


The mission of the Holistic Caring Network is to bridge the gap between traditional and cannabis medicine. We’re creating an integrated delivery system for medical cannabis patients, providers and products. Holistic Caring will train Cannabis Health Coaches to remove the barriers of stigma, ignorance and fear, replacing them with knowledge, protocols, professionalism, integrity and support.

Patients will learn that cannabinoids facilitate health and wholeness, and providers gain new career fulfillment through cannabis medicine. A true “medical door” will emerge as we provide the total solution for education, guidance, and professionalism in the medical cannabis space.


  • We believe in cannabis medicine for health, wellness, and transformation.
  • We promote and teach the responsible use of the cannabis plant.
  • We promote connection of patients through support groups and research.
  • We serve our communities, giving back, and getting creative with economics.
  • We commit to continuous training, improvement and investing in our team.
  • We create opportunities to thrive in this work beyond expectations.
  • We collaborate because there’s strength in numbers and so much to gain.