Valentine Stocks

Want to give cannabis stocks to your Valentine? Ruth, our nurse in Palm Desert thought it might be fun to discuss Cannabis Investing as a fun, safe topic at your romantic dinner. You know when cannabis is safe for investment when “Varney and Company” on “Fox Business” puts up a screen with nine stocks. Varney […]

Balancing autoimmune with cannabinoids

This month’s co-author is our Palm Desert RN, Ruth Hill, who breaks down the effects of cannabinoids on autoimmune disease (AD). Autoimmune disease occurs when the body’s hyperactive immune system mistakes its own cells for a foreign invader. A healthy immune system fights pathogens by creating special proteins called antibodies. Once a cell is tagged […]

The canary in the coal mine

Veterans have long suffered physical and mental health conditions that impact quality of life. A recent study surveyed Veterans cannabis use and found they are using it to treat chronic pain, PTSD, and anxiety. Of those who pivot to medical cannabis, 78% report being able to actively reduce pharmaceuticals. Veterans have high RX rates of […]