Become a Holistic Caring CBD Health Coach

Gain tools to expand your knowledge, advance your career with cannabinoids, and guide patients with the medical process:
Assess – Plan – Implement – Evaluate

Holistic Caring education and client services is changing the narrative with education and a supportive network through set treatment goals and methodically set plans of care, integrated treatment plans, monitoring for drug interactions, and striving for safe outcomes.


Holistic Caring CBD Health Coaches can come from ANY healthcare background! Healthcare professionals and Holistic Providers – cannabinoid RX complements your current practice.


A CBD Health Coach gracefully guides a patient through the process of assessment, planning, implementation, and evaluation concerning the use of cannabinoid medicine. They educate patients on the logistics of medical cannabis product options available within their communities, becoming the ‘go to’ resource as people acclimate to this new paradigm.

Notably, a good CBD Health Coaches focuses on clients holistically and helps them create a plan to achieve their objectives for cannabis medicine. Accountability to and continued support for patients are key elements of success in normalizing an understanding of plant based medicines.


CBD Health Coaches hold workshops to educate others in small groups or add cannabis segments to the practitioner series they’re already teaching their patients. They inspire others through education and outreach programs by lessening fears and dispelling untruths and misconceptions.


While affiliations with dispensaries and CBD producers are necessary to develop, CBD Health Coaches maintain their independence.


  • Part-time or full-time, home-based or practice-based income
  • Low-start up and monthly overhead
  • Quick Start Guide with advice on how to set up and run a business
  • Monthly training webinars to help grow your business
  • Monthly mentoring by acclaimed CBD R.N./MBA, Elisabeth Mack
  • Develop a network and a support system to build your business
  • Ability to affiliate or wholesale top vetted CBD products nationwide
  • Transform the health of people who really need your services
  • Become part of the first CBD health coaching program with a Lifetime renewal license in the U.S. to use the Holistic Caring’s educational materials and forms for clients.
  • Learn wellness with cannabinoids by utilizing our conditions care guide, dosing protocols, and gaining a deep understanding of the relationship between cannabis and lifestyle medicine

Holistic Caring CBD Health Coach Toolkit (Biz in Box) included with licensing fee:

Start your own CBD health coaching business in your practice with everything you need:

  • Appointment process and structure, legal waivers and disclosure forms
  • Short and long from appointment templates
  • Patient teaching modules on the ECS and CBD medicine
  • Care plans and dosing protocols with Functional Medicine focus
  • Recommendations and dosing strategies for common dispensary products
  • Community 101 presentation to teach in your area
  • Marketing in the online directory
  • Monthly clinical & operational webinars
  • A Quick Start Guide to starting your business

In conjunction with you, we are ready to lead others forward.

There is a value differential and marketing advantage to those who step up to add this to their practice:

  • Market your services as a certified cannabinoid subject matter expert
  • Ability to use the Holistic Caring logo as a CBD Health Coach to convey trust
  • Cost & Quality Comparisons – assuring you can help consumers to lower costs by gaining value
  • Create a concierge practice – a niche few others are serving yet…
  • Grand rounds & Meetups at main cannabis conferences.